Sports massage round 2

And this time I feel more like I was in the boxing ring!

After work I had a 3 mile run- I did some intervals, and I thought I was going fast, but 3 miles took me 31 mins  (not my slowest, but not my fastest either)- I felt like I was going quicker. Oh well.

Then it was off to a sports massage- as I am just over 2 weeks out she decided on some deep tissue massage, lots more on my neck and shoulders (which were getting stiff again) and loads of weird stuff on my legs (I have no idea of the feeling, sort of like burning, sort of like things popping)- but she did tell me it was the deepest massage I would have. I did not feel too bad, but then during it I was realising how tight my muscles actually are. So, feeling a little tender now- I may need to ice tomorrow!

I also feel totally shattered now (although I have had a couple of late nights so it could just be that).

Time for tea I think 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Sports massage round 2”

  1. Well done on making it through — that’s probably the final most arduous thing you’ll do before the marathon now!

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner 🙂

    1. My first one was not so bad, but still uncomfortable at times. This one was the “deepest” they go to prepare the muscles for the slog ahead.
      I kind of see it as a treat, but it is a weird treat!

  2. Shorter runs after such a long round of training can sometimes feel really tough: lots of people suffer from panic and self-doubt during taper periods owing to a slight drop in mileage that can leave you feeling sluggish. Please don’t take this as an indication of how you’ll do on the day. Also, sports massages take a lot out of you and most people are sore afterwards: even Paula Radcliffe felt like she’d been hit by a truck after some of her physio sessions and massages and was mentally and physically exhausted afterwards. You will recover 🙂


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