Rice dreamy

So today I have been getting a bit obsessed with rice milk.

It started with porridge made with rice milk.

I added a tsp of cacao bliss, which went all melty and delicious. Tasty.

Then when I got home it was time for some baking- carob cookies from the Vegan book;

Yum! I only made 1/2 the recipe, but it still made quite a few.

Yum– super close up! I might well have one later after body pump πŸ™‚

While cooking it was also time for some tea;

Earl Grey in the afternoon is so civilised don’t you know??

Yum. The rice milk is really good actually- I have only had it raw before (you know, cold) but it was fine in hot tea, and cooked fine in the cookies (well, it looks like they have- they smell delish), and was nice in porridge too. It does look a little thinner than cows milk (but less protein I suppose) but did not make the porridge watery or anything. Have you tried rice milk? I have seen they do other flavours like Hazelnut but have never seen them in the shops. I bet that would make amazing porridge.

Today I had some marks on me that look like bruises Β or maybe burst blood vessels (around my neck and stuff)- I think this is an after effect of the massage, as she did do my neck for a long time. Am feeling tender to the touch so I am going to be gentle at body pump tonight (is that possible??)- have lower weights for squats and lunges anyway.

Then Friday is here, hooray! Any nice plans for the weekend? I only (“only“) have to do a 12 mile run on Saturday- I will have so much time to spare! Although I do have to do a lot of work, I will also manage a trip to the garden centre πŸ™‚ And I have to do my list for packing as it is only 2 weeks away- ahhhhh how does time go so quickly?? So help me (finish this sentence): “For my marathon I will need to take…..”

I will start off with safety pins as I nearly forgot them twice for the 20 miler.


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11 thoughts on “Rice dreamy”

  1. I must say I’m really not a fan of rice milk. I’ve never tried it in baking though — I guess then it’s masked by all the chocolate πŸ˜‰

    I’m going to my dad’s in Devon at the weekend, for a whole week! I just need to get out of the city to somewhere quiet and peaceful, and get some work done. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to do a bit of stomping around the countryside too though!

  2. I love rice milk – its my ‘go to’ milk over all others as it has worked well in every type of recipe I have tried it in. I love that you can get organic, with calcium and the vanilla and hazelnut and almond varieties too! I often see it on offer so I bulk buy it! Hope Body Pump goes ok and doesn’t hurt too much!

  3. Oat milk is my favourite non-dairy milk that I have tried so far.

    I’m revising for an exam over the weekend πŸ™ But planning to take at least one day of to do something with my parents (going home to get looked after while I revise!)

  4. Alison- I don’t think it has much flavour really, which is why it is good in baking I suppose.
    Laura- I will be keeping an eye out for offers (and the lovely sounding flavours too!)
    Laura- I think soya is better for the protein front, but for some reason I don’t like the idea of soya in cooked stuff, no idea why!
    Sarah- I liked the little cartons of oat milk, but the big ones went all gloopy at the bottom.
    Emma- yeah I took some mini cartons when I went away (good for after my run)as they didn’t need a fridge. And that vegan cookie book is just awesome!

  5. I prefer Oat milk too but I did used to use Rice milk to make rice pudding when my son was cows milk protein intolerant. It worked quite well!

    For my marathon I will need to take ….. whatever I packed in my bag and NOT leave it behind….

    Sorry..I will need to take: fuel (clif shots/gels/etc) – compeed – imodium – water bottle – sports bra – warm day running gear – cold day running gear – number – safety pins – instructions – passport – tickets – husband – ….


  6. Rice milk has always been my favourite non-dairy milk: oddly enough, even when I’ve strayed from the vegan path I always default to rice milk even when I’m not ‘present’ because I love it so much. It is very light and refreshing, although I agree that the lack of protein and sugar content is a pain. I’ve tried hemp, soy, oat, almond and coconut milk and none of them hold a candle to Rice Dream, although hemp and coconut are very nice.

    I’m not sure what to add to the marathon packing list but I think Rose has everything covered. Although I think if I wanted to make my marathon I would have to add crutches to the list.

    Thanks for sticking by me and caring, despite the disgusting nature of my last post: quite a few people have had enough of me so it was lovely to know that not everyone has given up trying with me.


  7. Rose- thanks for the list! πŸ™‚
    Jessica- I love coconut milk too, but the rice milk is similar I think- like you say, very light.
    PBPB- me too πŸ™‚

  8. The cookies look great! I have never tried rice milk, but it is on my buy-some day-list:) So far I have tried soy milk and oat milk and the oat one I like better. The soy milk was SOOO salty!

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