Evening all!

I am super excited because it is half term! Yes! A massive bonus of the profession! But also I have had some exciting deliveries!

A squash box!!!! I kept seeing these on blogs and loving the look of them. Then, while I was looking online at various veg box places (for my budget challenge) I found that Riverford do squash boxes! Plus you can order one-off boxes, and other things too. So to try them I ordered a squash box and a fruit bag (great idea, 3 types of fruit for 2 people- Andy only likes bananas really, so it would be down to me to eat everything in the normal fruit boxes which might be a challenge!).

I got some apples (I think they are russet apples?) pears and oranges- lovely.Plus I just noticed I made a hidden Mickey with the orange and apples! Now I cannot wait to make lots of soup, roasted squash things, baked apple desserts and other bits this week- yay! All recipe ideas gratefully received!

I also got a prize! I won a prize from Jemma at Celery and Cupcakes– so exciting! I have not had a gingerbread nakd bar for so long- really looking forward to that one! Thanks Jemma/ nakd people.

I also got an order from planet organic. I always used to order bits from them, but have not for ages. Then when I did the review of those Ecomil desserts I asked them where to get them from (I have not seen them in any shops) and they told me Planet Organic. So I also got some hazelnut milk (how amazing does that sound?), white almond butter and almond and dark chocolate spread (love Carley’s Organic range), figs, cherries and mixed peel (for Christmas cake making) and some conscious chocolate. Yum.

Wednesday I got home late (work has been really busy this week) so only did a 3.6 mile run (I was originally planning for a 5 mile run) but I managed it in 36 mins so pleased I could keep up that fast pace for that long- think I am getting back to my best! Body pump last night was brilliant- I decided to go even heavier on the squats – 17.5kg (my heaviest ever)- my legs were fine but I was so worried that I would not get the bar back off my shoulders at the end! I also chose heavier weights (slightly) for the shoulders track. Nearly didn’t make it through the triceps track though- seemed harder than last week, not sure why.

Pimp my porridge continues:

Cherry bakewell (ish?)- cherries, oats, almond milk, almond extract, mixed spice.

Tropical- dried mango, oats, dessicated coconut, oats, almond milk.

Peaches, oats, almond milk- which I then topped with flaked almonds. Yum.

We are still keeping our heating off too! It has been soooooo cold here- I have ordered some more thermal vests, and have been wearing thick gloves and scarves outside- it will be time for a hat soon! I feel we will have to give in this weekend though! Anyone else still keeping the heating off ? One of my friends does “the November challenge” and they do not have their heating on til November- I do not think I could last that long. One year (I could write a long moan about British Gas here but I won’t) our heating broke, and even though we had the British Gas people out every week, they would fix it then the next day it would break again- from October until January. We were freezing (and had no hot water for that time either!) but we did have an oil heater which we plugged in. I am going for the hot water bottles at the moment!

And what shall I make first with all my squashes and apples?

Enjoy the weekend folks 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Deliveries!!!!!!”

  1. Oh wow, you’ve had some great deliveries! 😀 I’ve been thinking about ordering a squash box too, it looks great!

    I’ve been making lots of apple crumble at the moment, & want to make more of Love Veggies Yoga’s caramel apple bars (I keep them in the freezer but have run out!)

    For squash…risotto? That’s on my meal plan for next week, or I just love it roasted with houmous for dipping 🙂

    1. Yes thanks for reminding me about those caramel apple bars- I think they look amazing (I looked when you linked to them before) 🙂 I think I might try a roasted squash dip 🙂

    1. Yay glad your local one did it too! 🙂 It was such a bargain that I thought you would want to know!
      You are up north so you have had colder weather than us!
      I think I might try one of their veg boxes too as I like the website and the quality seems lovely.

    1. Yum that sounds lovely- might try and combine those flavours somehow. Was it like a crumble/ cobbler thing? Or just the fruits?

    1. I know- really kind of them! Love the nakd pixie! Yeah the squash box seems a proper bargain too seeing as you get so many!

    1. Yay snap! Although I was so annoyed as after I did the order I realised they did so crispy bites that I can;t get anywhere else any more- should have put some in too!

  2. Ooh, I feel your pain… I live in an old draughty house and only got heating about four years ago – it was HORRIBLE without! So mine’s on already; I love it 🙂
    I’d go for Heather Eats Almond Butter’s kabocha baked custard (I always make it with butternut) because it’s delicious – enjoy your baking and half term!

  3. I won a box too. Have you tried the cola raisins yet? Not sure i’m too keen on those but the berry delight bar i tried was yummy.

    Knocking your head off is always a worry in pump lol. The other thing i managed to do once was clean & press almost taking my nose off, luckily just very bruised as i caught the tip of it going up but 10kg coming down on my nose would have caused more damage.

    I’m still hunting a spaghetti squash….

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