Parcels in the post!

I love getting things in the post! These last couple of days I have been super lucky and have been opening up so many parcels!

I did a blog swap with Errign and she sent me a massive pile of goodies! Nut butters, energy gels, different types of clif and luna bars, plus lara bars which I am super excited to try!

I had the mint brownie bite straight away and it was delicious! Thanks Errign 🙂

I also got my Graze box– we get one of these every other weekend and share the punnets as a snack at the weekend- it included a new one which was apples to dip in caramel sauce. Sounds yummy!

Some lovely looking almond desserts from Ecomil- I cannot wait to try these, perhaps in my new bowls?

How cute are they???? I got them from Paperchase when I was getting some birthday cards, so not actually in the post, but I just love them!

Oh yeah, and a commiserations magazine. This was actually for Andy, who, when his marathon training was going well, decided to sign up for the London ballot (and he didn’t tell me until after the deadline! Not that I would have applied, but anyway)- after Stockholm he was hoping to have not got in, so he was very relieved to get this in the post!

Post run snack- Chocolate Cherry Almond Luna bar courtesy of Errign- delicious 🙂

With the running, it is proving hard to get back into. I tried a run this morning and managed 4 miles, but I had to walk as I was getting stomach pains- not sure what it is all about. Anyway we have the 10K next Sunday and I was originally hoping to be able to beat my previous 10K time, but I realise that it is not going to happen. So I am going to enjoy the run- it should be pretty scenic. We have the great south run at the end of the month, and we decided to sign up to this race– a 10K the week after the GSR. Maybe by then I will be back to running and might stand a chance of beating my time. And if not we have another weekend away and a run somewhere pretty.

Today I got on with more baking for my friends.

I made some carrot and raisin cakes to go with the peanut butter cookies I made yesterday.

Before the cream cheese frosting- I am getting a little obsessed with the mini loaf cases!

Oh, and one final photo- I ordered some bits from Lakeland- including piping bags and nozzles (so I no longer have to just dollop the icing on!), muslin cloth squares (for my almond milk hopefully) and these cool trays that are already divided up. I am terrible at cutting things evenly and so I am looking forward to making brownies, flapjacks, bars etc that are all perfectly the same size.

Do you love getting things in the post? I find it much more exciting than going shopping (plus no queues!). What was the last thing you received in the post?

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14 thoughts on “Parcels in the post!”

  1. I love the plop on the doormat or the ring of the doorbell, not so much with the bright lights of of changing rooms – yech 😉

  2. Shame on Andy! I’d be so stoked to have an acceptance pack from the open ballot! Ah well, I’d just injure myself the day before by stubbing my toe on a Body Pump weight or something anyway.

    I get ludicrously excited by parcels in the post – I finally ordered some new books to read from Amazon which came today (Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi and Wasted by Marya Hornbacher) so can’t wait to read those.

    I miss blogger swapping – that is one impressive stash of goodies! And the almond desserts! You have to make pudding oats with them, seriously…


    1. I saw Portia de ROssi talk about that book on Ellen (which was a little weird, as they got together after so there were some surprises and things)- but it seemed like such an honest and open and heartbreaking book. Blogger swapping is fun! Oooh puddings oats- maybe I will…

    1. Yes I love ordering things off the net! I keep looking at iherb and then cancelling it- I think once I start I won’t stop haha!

  3. I got a commiserations magazine too 🙁 meh! I am hoping Lucozade will pull through again, ha ha.

    It’s been a week of opening parcels for me! I had some amazon stuff arrive, and a new dress from Boden. I’ve also ordered some stuff for the house, and some new shower gels. I love getting parcels, it’s like Christmas!!

    1. Wow you order as much stuff as I do! 🙂 It is like Christmas 🙂
      Shame about London, but at least you have a second chance- fingers crossed.

  4. Getting things in the post is the best. I love ordering stuff and then waiting eagerly for it to arrive. I used to have a magazine subscription – I think mainly because I like having things come through my letter box!
    The stuff you got from Errign looks fantastic – enjoy 🙂

  5. Wow what a load of goodies!
    Those bowls are TOO cute! I’m going to have to hunt them down in Paperchase this week- I need some pretty bowls!

    It’s great that you’re not hung up on getting a PB in your 10km next weekend- you’ll have loads more chances for that! Just enjoy it! Sometimes I get so obsessed with PBs that it takes all the fun out of it and I forget why I run in the first place- because I love it!

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