Back pumping!

And more pimping (of the porridge kind)

I actually typed “pumpkin” for the title- shows what is on my mind haha!

First up- I went to body pump last night! Yay! I am practically all better now. Just drinking something stupid like 3-4 litres of water each day. Anyway, it was the new release- OW to the triceps track! I put a weight on my thighs for the dips- that was a mistake as I barely made it though the over the head bits at the end! I did find the squats track rather boring, but I did like the Living on a prayer song for the biceps (I think?). Good stuff.

I was hungry so I decided to try a Builders bar (20g protein- wow!)- a chocolate mint one. It was quite nice, very filling but not my fave texture.

Pimp my porridge has been going well.

Carrot cake porridge (grated carrot, chopped apple, cinnamon, few raisins, oats and soya milk).

Peach coconut porridge (small tin drained peaches, oats, soya milk, coconut extract and I think some cinnamon as always)

Carob banana porridge (mashed banana, carob powder, few raisins, oats, soya milk)

Autumn fruit porridge (chopped pear, frozen blackberries, oats, soya milk, cinnamon I think)

Stay tuned for more varieties next week! 🙂

I also had a carrot cake inspired sandwich one day this week (actually, I had run out of hummus and didn’t fancy pb!)

Tahini, grated carrot, raisins and cinnamon. This was delicious! 🙂

I went to the doctors again today for a little check, but she said that people go through spates of having these infections, so just to keep drinking lots.

When I got home I had lots of parcels to open, but I will show you those tomorrow.

I did some baking this evening- Andy has been requesting cookies for ages but I was making lots of cakes instead.

I used some Whole Earth Original crunchy and some Beyond Dark chocolate chips to make Hummingbird peanut butter cookies- the best ever recipe.

They turn into the most enormous cookies 🙂 Thin and chewy, yummy.

They do look a lot like the photo in the book too.

In a bit we are going to watch the last ever episode of The Wire . We have been working out way through the series and I cannot believe it is the last one. Anyone else a fan?

Enjoy the fab weather this weekend- it looks like it is going to be brilliant. I am hoping for a slightly longer run tomorrow (still cannot believe I am running a 10K next Sunday!) then doing some baking as I have some friends over on Saturday afternoon- and then planting some stuff in the allotment on Sunday. Any great weekend plans?

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9 thoughts on “Back pumping!”

    1. Hmm, I think maybe the banana carob raisin- or mash the banana with cocoa powder- tastes amazing. But they were all lovely- my new favourite will change each week I am sure!

  1. We had a substitute instructor tonight and she did the new release for Pump! She’d get in so much trouble with the fitness manager as they haven’t officially launched it yet, but no-one’s going to be telling him any time soon 😉

    I loved the biceps track! It’s so much better than the Pink one and that short kicker of a round at the end is great for adding extra weight and temporarily feeling like a BAMF 😉 My other favourite is the back track, though I’m not so keen on shoulders this time round (the changes are a bit skew wiff to me? And I get bored during rotator presses :P)


    1. The shoulders was a bit weird- the thing where you half squat and reach behind seemed a bit strange. Why on earth would they get in trouble though? Surely with pump it is the instructors that get trained and pay to be part of it, so as long as they are trained it can’t matter.

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