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I just liked this picture as I had no other pictures for the post 🙂

I keep seeing posts on a day in the life, and I love reading them-I think I am quite nosey about what other people get up to! So I decided to do my own- for yesterday (Wednesday).

6.50am- Alarm goes off (Radio 4)- visit bathroom, get dressed, blink in the bright lights.

7am- Empty dishwasher while porridge cooks in microwave. Put lunch in lunchbox with ice pack, fill up water bottle for work.

7.10am- sit down to read blogs/ email/ facebook while eating porridge and drinking water. Publish my WIAW post and link up. Reply to the cupcake decorating email- I have booked on to a Christmas cupcake class!

7.30- realise that time flies when I am on the internet- quickly clean teeth and finish getting ready. Brush hair.

7.40-Rush out the door, get bins from around the corner, get car out of garage (grr I used to have our parking space but since Andy bought a bigger car his now can’t fit in the garage!). Listen to more radio 4- tune out and only realise it is the weather forecast when it says about the weather for Wales- ahhh I missed it for the south east!

8am-Arrive at work. Set up classroom for the day (I won’t list all the things I do as it will get very long haha!).

8.55am- let children in- get on with teaching!

10.30am- break time (not my duty day so I get a break)- make a cup of dragonfly rooibos chai tea, and have a cocoa mint nakd bar.

10.45am- break ends- more teaching.

12.15- lunch time- do some marking.

12.30- lunch time meeting- eat my hummus and carrot pitta and pear while in said meeting.

1.00- meeting ends- set up for afternoon lessons

1.15- children back- afternoon lessons

3.15- children leave- tidy a few bits away and get out a few things for tomorrow. Put marking aside for tomorrow morning.

3.30- after school meeting- data analysis makes my eyes go funny. How can people spend all day staring at a computer screen? Makes my eyes hurt!

4.50pm- Leave work and drive home- on the drive home think “Now it is all dark, maybe I should skip the run. We could have a walk instead. Who I am kidding- we will not want to go out on a walk in the dark and cold. Plus we have to wait in for the shopping. So just miss the run? But then I would have to run on Friday instead and I much prefer coming home straight away on a Friday. OK, maybe just a short run then.”

5.15pm- arrive home, quickly change into running clothes.

5.25pm- go out on a short run. Wow it is cold out there! Feel pleased because I did over 3 miles when I really didn’t feel like it much at first.

6.05pm-Arrive home, put dinner in the oven to heat up,  jump in shower (while Andy unpacks shopping which arrived an hour early!)

6.15pm- out of shower (I didn’t wash my hair which saves time of drying it later on too- bonus).

6.30pm- Sit down to dinner- yummy vegan lentil tofu moussaka and roasted carrots, butternut and sweet potato left over from my lunches. This was so tasty and I wanted to take a photo but the batteries in the camera died. Ah well, you can picture it (or click on the recipe links to see them!).

7pm- Make some chocolate cherry brownies- these are for the final prize as Bronagh lives close by so she is going to collect her prizes. No photos though as the camera batteries are still charging!

7.30pm- Check emails, blogs etc.

8.30pm- realise the time and turn off the computer! Sit down to watch some TV with Andy.

9pm- Have a cup of mint tea and my last date almond bar.

10pm- Make my porridge for the next morning, get my lunch ready, clean up in the kitchen, put on dishwasher, get ready for bed.

10.30pm- Read for a bit in bed (and feel pleased that I got to bed pretty early!).

11.20pm- realise I have read for far too long and now will not get my 8 hours! Ah well, will try again tomorrow! 🙂

Now your turn- tell me something interesting about your day.

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12 thoughts on “A day in the life”

  1. I love these posts too, I guess I’m noisy as well! I wish I could stay up that late but I’m always out for the count by 10pm! I haven’t had much interesting happen at all this week, work is so quiet for some reason but next week is going to be mental so I’m enjoying it while I can 🙂

  2. I’m also really nosey and love posts like this. I think it’s quite interesting to have an insight into someone’s daily routine, but maybe I’m just weird like that! Chocolate and cherry brownies? Wow, now I’m *really* looking forward to collecting my prize tomorrow night!

  3. Love posts like this. Also pleased I’m not the only one who has conversations with herself about to exercise or not 😉 glad you went.

  4. I love day in the life posts 🙂 So far, my day has been exciting because I’ve officially figured out the date I’m moving back home 🙂

  5. I love this post – I’m very nosy too! I’m impressed that you manage to fit so much in. I always do the same thing at bedtime – I get a second wind and end up going to bed late.
    This afternoon after work I went on a very slow and lovely 5 mile run, although it was a bit chilly!

  6. I love day in the life posts and they’re fun to do too, right? Nothing much interesting happened in my day today except having a gingerbread latte in Costa and surviving a presentation! Thursdays are my least favourite days on the timetable so, it’s just nice to get them out the way tbh! I always intend to be in bed early and it never happens…almost an hour of reading sounds like a lovely way to round off the day! 🙂

  7. That’s so random – I was just thinking the other day about doing something like this! I’m really nosey and find it so interesting what other people do; I think I’m going to have to do one 🙂
    It sounds like you’re flat out at work – and I’m glad it’s not just me that has those “am I aren’t I” internal arguments about exercise!

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