Expanding my hummus-orizons

That makes sense, right?

I never used to like hummus much at all- too garlicky and lumpy. But I had eaten a few nice (ready made) hummus sandwiches, and after reading about how smooth Sabre hummus is, I tried it and loved it.

This weekend I popped to Waitrose and noticed a little stack of hummus pots on offer.

Slow roasted tomato, roasted red pepper and lemon and coriander. I deliberated for ages over buying these, how silly! Mainly because I don’t like coriander.

Anyway, they are so tasty! I had the red pepper hummus for lunch one day with a food doctor pitta and a red pepper for dipping.

I had the most delicious dinner- some rocket, roasted sweet potato/carrot/butternut (so loving this right now) topped with some goats cheese, and a toasted wholewheat tortilla to dip in the roasted tomato hummus. Amazing. My best dinner for ages and ages and ages! All I do with the tortilla( you know the flour wrap things) is put it on a baking tray, heat it in the oven for 5-10 mins (the longer the crispier) and then slice with a pizza wheel.

I had the lemon and coriander hummus for lunch and actually liked it! I surprised myself. Nice and lemony, not too much coriander.

Following on from my excitement that I might like other types of hummus, I bought some red pepper hummus from Sainsbury’s too. I had it with some quinoa beetroot and squash risotto, goats cheese,more roasted orange veg and some pumpkin falafels. These were not as good as they sound, tasted like normal falafels for me. But the hummus was another success!

Finally, I don’t think I have put a picture of some tea on here for a while. What is going on??? I have been really tired this week- my run was hard work on Monday, we got worked like crazy at aerobics on Tuesday and I was soo soo tired! Last night I had a short run which turned out to be pretty speedy- 3.5 miles in 35 mins, and I had to wait at road crossings for a while. Any sub 10 min miles for me is good 🙂 So today I am having a cup of tea (Teapigs chocolate tea) and a Christmas almond bar thing to give me some energy for body pump later. I hope I don’t chop my head off with the bar.

So what is your favourite type of hummus?

And anything you tried recently to expand your horizons?

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11 thoughts on “Expanding my hummus-orizons”

  1. There are some really nice ready made hummus out there. Lemon and coriander is one of my favourites and I also like red pepper. If I’m making my own hummus I like to use peanut butter and sometimes I add in some spinach.
    The roasted carrot/sweet potato/butternut combo sounds good – orange food is by favourite … I think I’m a beta-carotine junkie 🙂

  2. I love any kind of Sabra hummus, particularly the Hummus Extra (the one with pine nuts?) Strange that you posted about hummus today, because both Sainsburies and Tesco near me have removed it from their shelves and there isn’t even a tag on the shelf for it any more. Boo, how shall I quieten my hummus cravings now? Probably by making Laura’s high protein hummus, which is even nicer than Sabra anyway. I am just too lazy to clean the blender 😛


  3. I think Waitrose and M&S do the best ready made hummous – I’ve not seen this Sabra one the others have mentioned! I’d better keep a look out 🙂

    Sainsbury’s do a moroccan hummous which is delicious, topped with chickpeas.

    But at the end of the day I’m not fussy, any hummous will do! I love it SO much! 🙂

  4. Glad you had a good run! I love hummus, I’ve been good at making my own for a while but this week I didn’t have time so I just grabbed a tub of Sainbury’s basics and I was surprised at how good it was! I love all the flavoured ones too but my fave has to be the garden herb sabra. Same its so pricey, I’m already planning on buying some as a Christmas treat!

  5. Eleanor I am always super jealous of your fantastic puns- I am always excited when I think of one myself haha! 🙂
    I have never tried the sabre herbs one but I had one with a spicy tomato or pepper topping which was amazing. 🙂

  6. I haven’t had hummus in ages! I thought it was so different from brand to brand that I didn’t dare try any new ones. I think my favourite was Tescos, years and years ago when I lived in the UK. But home made is best!

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