WIAW- aerobics edition

Hey all

I am so glad it is finally Wednesday! All week I have been feeling like it is the next day (today I really thought it was Thursday). Hmm. On the way to the weekend now. Thanks to Jenn as always for organising the midweek party!

I chose Tuesday (last Tuesday) as that day I remembered to take photos of everything.


Apple and Eldeflower yoghurt with chopped apple and rude health muesli.


Shocking photo! Nakd cocoa orange bar anyway!


Warm salad (heated up at work)- roasted carrots, butternut and sweet potato with tomato, chilli, wholewheat giant cous cous and quinoa, plus a pear.

Pre aerobics snack;

Raisins, hazelnuts and milk chocolate chips from Graze. Mmmm.


Baked sweet potato with almond butter, plus some roasted veggies (pepper, courgette, onion, aubergine). Almond butter on a baked sweet potato is the best thing right now! Loving it!


Vegan pumpkin spice cake. Yum again 🙂

I realised I never include my drinks in WIAW- they are always the same though! Water with breakfast, water at work, one cup of rooibos or mint tea at work, real tea with dinner, plus more water, mint or rooibos or chamomile tea in the evening and water at bedtime!

What is your favourite flavour combination right now? Almond butter and sweet potato for me right now 🙂

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14 thoughts on “WIAW- aerobics edition”

  1. Gosh I love hazelnuts. They are the best-flavored nuts IMO — so rich!!!

    I love drinking rooibos tea before bed too 🙂 Up until about…6 months ago? Maybe even less?…I’d never had rooibos tea but it really is the BEST. I love it.

  2. Sweet potatoes and almond butter are indeed an absolutely delicious combination – they’re also nice with Sunflower butter.

    I always find it odd when people list ‘water’ as part of their WIAW…it gets on my nerves really, as water really isn’t a foodstuff! It’s fine to list ‘2 litres a day’ or something similar but it’s not as if water has calories or should be counted as part of a meal really…or maybe that’s just me.


  3. Ty- the reindeer was part of a set from Paperchase last year 🙂
    Jessica next time I have some sunflower butter I would try that on a sweet potato.
    Sable- I tried it a few years ago (rooibos tea) and was not keen, but now I love it- must have had an off lot before.

  4. Mm your eats all look delicious! I coincidentally had almost the same thing for breakfast today – Greek yogurt (thinned out with some milk), muesli with sesame seeds and a chopped apple. My favourite flavour combo right now is probably sweet potato (the purple Japanese kind!) with roasted chicken omgosh so good!

  5. I’ve been meaning to try sweet potato & almond butter combo for ages but never have. I must do this for dinner one day next week! Recently I’m loving festive flavour combinations like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, almond etc. I can’t wait to start adding a spoonful of mincemeat to my morning porridge but i’m holding off till December for that one 🙂

  6. Bronagh thanks for reminding me about mincemeat porridge 🙂
    Lyn- snap! And I have never even seen a purple sweet potato!
    Nada- yes the graze boxes are super delicious!

  7. Yummm almond butter and sweet potato is so good together!
    I had dinner with my family recently and my mum roasted up some sweet potato so I added some PB to my plate… my whole family thought I had gone completely crazy! Until they tried it, that is 😉

    My favourite flavour combo is definitely cinnamon and raisin! Lovelovelove it!

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