Nuts and orange fingers

Hey peeps

I am glad everyone liked the look of the Stollen yesterday- I think Germany has the best Christmas traditions. My Dad’s mum was Austrian so we always had a lot of those sorts of things growing up. When my parents come over for Christmas I will be making another one for then.

As well as making stollen, I made some spiced nuts- whisk up an egg white, add a few tbs icing sugar and brown sugar, loads of spices (cinnamon, mixed spice…) and some extract (vanilla/ almond/ orange) then bake.

They need turning/ shaking a few times- these took around 20 mins.

Yum! Leave to cool, then store in an airtight jar. I will make a variation of these as Christmas gifts.

I have also been making some more warm lunches.

Another from my squash box- this was a red onion squash- with such vibrant orange flesh.

This was chopped up along with a couple of carrots and a massive sweet potato, and roasted in the oven for 30 mins with a little rosemary. By the way, I walked up to Aldi today (I actually went to go to Sweatshop to spend my race vouchers, but it was closed despite having Sunday opening hours of 11-5pm, anyway..) and I got a big bag of sweet potatoes for 69p! And a big bag of apples for 69p! And 3 peppers for 69p! Super cheap.

Then I cooked 50g quinoa and 50g wholewheat giant cous cous with some vecon stock, added a tin of tomatoes, chilli flakes and a tin of black eye beans.

This made 5 servings all layered up, and some more roasted veg for dinner on another day. ย After all that chopping I have very orange fingers, so to match I nibbled on;

Yum- Montezumas Milk chocolate with orange- soooooooo good!

Favourite orange thing? I wonder how many people will answer with pumpkin!

PS I also made the vegan pumpkin spice cake, so stay tuned for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 thoughts on “Nuts and orange fingers”

  1. Mmmm….spiced nuts!!!

    Favourite orange thing……probably would have to be dried apricots or carrots ๐Ÿ™‚ Pumpkin is a close second/third! I’m looking forward to hearing about that cake. My mum used to make a spiced pumpkin cake, she hasn’t made it for years, better add that to my “going home” wishlist! xx

  2. I can’t believe I actually said that stollen was quite an ‘English’ thing for xmas. I will now crawl into a hole of ignorance and die – of course it’s an appropriated German tradition *facepalm*.

    I’m going to say Kabocha squash as my favourite orange food – if I can ever find any! It appears to have gone AWOL from Waitrose again…


  3. But Jessica it is English like Christmas trees- if that makes sense they have come over here from somewhere else. You dont see stollen in the US for example (well I never have anyway).
    I love carrots too, if only for carrot cake and carrot hummus sandwiches!
    Jemma that granola sounds yummy.

  4. Yes any nuts would do- the nobbly ones are better (eg pecans, walnuts) as the coating sinks into the cracks, but my faves are almonds, brazils and hazelnuts. This time I did almonds and Julian Graves mixed nuts.

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