You can catch me!

Because apparently I am very slow and am certainly not the gingerbread man (shh marathon talk listeners, not that type of gingerbread man).

I think my Nike+ is struggling- although I have had it for 18 months now. It keeps losing the signal from my shoes, and today I did nearly 5 miles (and I only just calibrated it)- at a fair pace for me, in 47 mins, but it thinks I did just over 4 and had an average pace of 11.30, and it won’t upload my run. Grr. Anyway it was a bit of a mind battle today- during the day I was looking forward to a run, but after leaving work and driving through the drizzle, by the time I got home all I fancied was a cup of tea and some TV. But I did know that I would feel better after a run, and regret not getting out, especially if later in the week the weather is worse- if it tips with rain on Wednesday at least I know I only have to do a short run because I did a longer midweek one today. It was so dark though- I went up to Sweatshop on Sunday to get some high viz things with my vouchers, but they were shut (grr), so I am planning on stopping by on Thursday after work. I don’t mind it where there are lots of street-lights- I never need to worry about bad pavements, but when I am driving it reminds me of how seeing pedestrians is really hard, so when crossing the roads I was getting a bit paranoid. Was glad to be home!

But I did have a yummy gingerbread man after my dinner to make up for that fact. These are tasty but not that gingery- I think my taste buds are so used to lots of spices that I need more! And more! Also they would be yummy with a little melted dark chocolate on top- does that destroy the “no junk” promise? I will use nice chocolate 🙂

Last night I tried some Teapigs Lemon and Ginger tea ( I love the little piglets so much!)- this was yummy- not too gingery and I think perfect if you were feeling like you had a bit of a cold or something.

How do you eat your gingerbread men? I like to eat the legs first (so they can’t run away- cue evil laugh) but also because then they keep smiling at me. Weird.

Now a technical question- I quite like the idea of a facebook page (sort of getting with the program, I am afraid I am never going to understand tweeting but I can do facebook!), but I wonder if I am better to have a profile instead of a page? I don’t really want people from work reading my blog (I know stuff on the internet can be found by anyone, and if they did come across it then fine, but I don’t want to put it out there to make it easy!) and I tried to make a page this evening. But then I can’t seem to add people (I would like to add my lovely blog friends) like you would on a normal page- anyone with some idea of how it works I would appreciate a few pointers! Cheers.

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11 thoughts on “You can catch me!”

  1. I always eat the limbs of gingerbread men first – somehow it just seems cruel to bite the head off.
    I think that you can invite people to like your Facebook page, but they’re not added as friends as such. I haven’t done that yet – I just linked my Facebook page on my blog with the option to like it (there’s a widget in WordPress for it). I’m not at all technical – I hope that made some sense or someone else can help!

  2. Despite having a similar post title earlier in the year, I must admit that I have never eaten a gingerbread man! Mostly because I wasn’t a fan of ginger until recently, but also because the texture of the biscuit always seemed either too hard or too chewy…having seen the Shrek films, I don’t think I could ever eat a gingerbread man! I’d just keep seeing this scene in my mind and feeling horribly mean:

    I have similar issues with the dark, only in the morning instead of the evening – I need to get myself more reflective clothing!


  3. Its a Facebook page really that you should set up technically speaking from a social media point of view. Facebook pages are for businesses or a product such as your blog, and profiles really need to just be used for individuals, but so many businesses get this wrong!
    I’ve made my step dad steal a hi viz jacket for me from work, but I haven’t tested it out yet!

  4. Ffion’s right if it’s for the blog, it should be a page… I started a Facebook profil for my paper ages ago and was told eventually that anything that isn’t a person has to be a page. If you put a link on your sidebar, people will be able to find it and like it… I will!

  5. Thanks for the facebook help- I will investigate the button for the blog 🙂
    Jessica love the Shrek films! 🙂 When I make them I make stars normally though!

  6. OOooh I’m going to try and find your page on Facebook now! Exciting!
    And I’ve always got to eat the head first… never even really thought about it before!

  7. Jenny and Marijke top marks for liking my page! I keep losing it so am impressed you managed to find it! 🙂
    Jemma you are right those biscuits are for kids so not too spicy for them!

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