Perfect hot chocolate and a giveaway

So when I got home from work on Friday I was super tired, but I went out on a run for two reasons- I needed my third Jantastic run of the week, and I like a run after body pump as it helps loads with reducing stiffness. I did a short and fairly quick 2 miles, and that was enough for me!

The temperature had really dropped though, it really was very cold! I think I underestimated how cold I would get, and got quite chilly in the evening after dinner. Hot chocolate was the solution, and I have now the perfect method for it.

Yum, so frothy! I heat the milk in a little jug in the microwave (I use some kind of alpro light stuff), and then put the chocolate in the bottom of a mug (I use Montezuma’s hot chocolate, which is chocolate shavings, but small chocolate chips would work just as well) and pour a little of the warm milk on top. Then whisk it up with an aerolatte (or a mini whisk) until the chocolate melts and the milk froths up. Then pour over the rest of the warm milk.


This morning I went out on an 11 mile run. I did it in just over 2 hours, and I felt OK and a few times decided to go a bit faster for half a mile or so.

My legs were a little stiff when I got home, so post shower I tried out the Deep Freeze gel I was sent. It felt cool at first, but after a couple of minutes the iciness came through- a lot! It had quite a clinical smell, but not as strong as the Deep Heat. Hopefully it will help with the stiffness a little.

Right, on to the giveaway. I was sent a little parcel of goodies for my blog a while ago, from Jamie, to help with fitness and motivation and goals.

So, I have a little giveaway with a couple of the items from the parcel. The Hairy Dieters Cookbook, and some Clipper Green Tea (I love the range of Clipper Teas- my favourites being their Earl grey and their Apple and Ginger).

I love watching the Bakers/ Bikers, and they lost a lot of weight by making sensible swaps and cutting down on portion sizes etc. The book is jam packed with healthier versions of meals; breakfasts, soups, curries, casseroles, tagines, lunch ideas, and even a little sample meal plan. A lot of them are meaty ideas, but you could easily sub them for aย substituteย and keep the sauce/ flavours the same I would think. It has some fab reviews on amazon, so if you fancy winning it, all you need to do is leave me a comment, saying what meal/ food you would love to be healthified. Mine would be caramel shortcake.

UK people only please, and you can get an extra entry by liking my page on facebook, or by linking to this on your blog. Leave me a comment to say if you have done these things too (or put it all in one comment- I will just write your name on more than one piece of paper, as I am all technical like that).

Over to you!

It will close next Friday, and I will pick a winner next weekend.

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17 thoughts on “Perfect hot chocolate and a giveaway”

  1. I would love some “healthy” profiteroles! Can’t stop eating them once I start, so have to stay away from them altogether!!!!

  2. I would love to be able to make a healthy lasagne with all the same ingredients and taste so I could load my plate up and not worry about fat content or calories ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would love a healthy dominos pizza. I’ve had raw pizza and thin crust flat breads but sometimes I still yearn for that doughy crust and tomatoey topping! I wish I could eat it without feeling like I’m missing out on major nutrients!

  4. Hello! Great giveaway, I would love ice-cream sundaes to be healthified ๐Ÿ™‚

    Found your blog the other day as I googled ‘should I wash my hair after Body Pump?’ Until two weeks ago, I washed my hair every morning but then did it again after the gym and people kept on telling me how bad it is for my hair. I’m proud to say I am now on my THIRD day of not washing my hair (managed two days at a time for the past two weeks) and am just back from a body pump class again! I still think it’s gross but my hair doesn’t look greasy anymore, it just has a slightly different texture…anyway, I’m rambling but just thought it was a funny way to stumble upon your blog!


  5. The weather is so bizarre at the moment. It seems to waver in temperature by the hour!

    Good hot chocolate is one of the best chocolate treats! It always reminds me of the book “Chocolat”!

  6. Oh wow your hot chocolate sounds amazing! I actually have a little frothier that rarely gets used so I should probably give this a go I think ๐Ÿ™‚
    It was quite cold this week. I went out early Saturday morning for a run and my hands were so cold for the entire time. Usually I wear gloves but I thought I’d be ok as it didn’t look too bad outside. Mistake!
    Well done on your 11 mile run! I like your idea of the deep heat cream. After my long run my legs were so achy ๐Ÿ™ but i did do lots of foam rolling and it was soo good.
    I would love to healthify Victoria sponge cake. I just love it. Such a simple cake, but so yummy!
    I liked your FB page too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I would like a healthy double decker (the chocolate bar), my number 1 vending machine weakness!! Loved the hairy bikers series, I keep meaning to get hold of the book!

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