Alibi winner and a speedy run!

Hey all, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

First up, the winner of the month’s supply of Alibi drinks.

I was a bit more high tech this time; I used a random number generator on the internet (and had to work out which number matched which comment as some people put their facebook entry in the same comment- which is fine), and got number 2, which was Lara! Congratulations! If you can just email me the address you would like it sent to, then I will let them know.

Right, on with the weekend.

I was planning on having a run on Saturday morning, but Andy said that he would go with me if I waited until Sunday (he was off to football on Saturday) and I am really glad that I did. Saturday did not turn out as planned as I ended up visiting my Mum in hospital (she has been in and out recently), so I had to put back my work to Sunday afternoon too.  I did manage a bit of baking- I made some pecan crumble bars using this recipe.

I added in some coconut too- they are ready for Sunday tea in a bit. Andy had something similar in the tearoom in Stratford last weekend, and I fancied having a go at making something similar.

My shoulder has been loads better too- I feel like I have to be careful doing certain things (eg opening the garage door) but generally it is fine now. Still no idea how I did it (or what I did) but at least it is nearly normal again now.

Right, onto the run. We did the usual 8.3 mile loop- Andy knows that I have been getting faster, and also am prone to plodding when left to my own devices. He promised to slow down a bit, and although parts were tough, it was really great- we chatted most of the way (he had to chat on the hills!)- it does mean I am getting behind with my marathon talk listening! We did the loop in 80 mins, and usually my average for that loop is around 90 mins! Look, I can post my stats from the Garmin website: (split, average speed, distance, time)

1 9:59.4 1.00 10:00
2 9:47.2 1.00 9:47
3 10:00.5 1.00 10:01
4 9:53.4 1.00 9:54
5 9:37.0 1.00 9:37
6 9:30.4 1.00 9:30
7 9:45.7 1.00 9:46
8 9:32.0 1.00 9:32
9 2:42.2 0.29 9:16
Summary 1:20:47.8 8.29 9:45

I did find some of the hills tough, but no more than usual (probably)- it proves to me that the Brighton half was not a freak incident, and I really am starting to speed up a bit.

I sure needed breakfast when I got home!

I made the batter the night before (20g peanut flour, 20g w’g spelt flour, baking powder, 40g pumpkin, 60ml soya milk) and then cooked a chopped apple and pear in some coconut oil and sugar, and then stirred in some meridian mincemeat (my last jar). Plus teapigs chocolate flake tea.


Plus, the sun came out! I treated myself to some tulips yesterday as they are one of my favourite flowers, and they looked so pretty in the sunlight. I really hope Spring is around the corner now.

Have you seen any signs of Spring recently? We saw loads of snowdrops and crocus flowers out, and I saw a rabbit too!

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11 thoughts on “Alibi winner and a speedy run!”

  1. Great run, nice pace! Your pancakes sound really yummy! I’ve seen lots of daffodils which reminds me of home! Definitely noticing the lighter mornings and evenings too! Hope your mum is ok!

  2. All my daffodils are up (no flowers yet though) in the garden, and there were LOADS of rabbits out on my run this morning. Definitely felt a lot warmer today!

  3. Good work on the run!
    Those tulips are gorgeous. I love the fact that spring is almost here! Longer days and it’s slightly warmer (or maybe I’m imagining this…). I have some daffodils in the vase waiti to bloom. I love this time of year!

  4. I am too ditzy to notice, but my Mum mentioned there were loads of flowers blooming in the park where I had my race this morning. I’ll take any and all signs of spring really – it’s my favourite season 😀

    Great news about speeding up as well – I didn’t think your half was a fluke at all because it didn’t come out of the blue. You have been consistently putting in the work training with faster runners and it shows!


    1. I love spring too- so cheerful, and I love it when each day it is lighter a bit longer, and a little warmer (but not too hot).
      And thanks 🙂

  5. I’m really pleased you had clarification on speeding up … sometimes the mind can be a doubting thing and now you can set it straight; also nice to get out and run with Andy too 🙂

    Hope your mom gets better soon xx

  6. I really hope your mum’s ok? x
    It’s great that you and Andy can go out together and I know what you mean about the plodding; I end up doing that on my bike when I’m on my own 🙂
    The pecan bars look fab!

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