Gingerbread hot chocolate

Hey peeps- I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

I have been feeling really festive now- hooray! Earlier in the week we had a walk to John Lewis after dinner, and I bought myself a couple of Christmas treats.

Some gingerbread hot chocolate flakes, and some gorgeous coconut tea- I bought some of this in the summer but have not had any yet as it seemed too nice to use!

Look- the tea comes in little pyramids with a little leaf thing to hold!

I had another week of rest this week, but felt like I was climbing the walls a bit by the end of the week. I have felt totally fine, so on Friday after work I attempted a gentle 2 mile jog.  I felt fine again, although I am now feeling like I can’t tell if I feel normal or not- or am I being paranoid! I stretched loads when I got home, and I felt alright, so fingers crossed. I wanted to see if I would be OK for the 5K tomorrow, and I think I will be fine so long as I take it nice and slow.

After spending lunch time at the school Christmas Fayre, I was off for afternoon tea with friends.

Photo from one of my friends as the picture I took was not as good.

We had such a lovely selection and they had even made some of the cakes look festive with little stars and holly leaves. The Christmas tree was up and it was so cosy in there- I think we spent about 3 hours just catching up and relaxing, it was wonderful.

This morning I made some dough for some stollen- after seeing so many last weekend in Cologne it has been on my mind! So when I got back I shaped the loaves and they are rising now.

Loads of cherries and marzipan in there, yum.

I have also booked my next physio appointment, although it is not for another week and a half. I think between now and then I will be sticking mainly to walking, with perhaps a couple of short runs- I shall see how I am after the jog tomorrow.

Also, I signed up for the marathon talk Jantastic challenge- team Run Blog Bake! is up on there, so please join in if you fancy it (it is just for fun!). 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Gingerbread hot chocolate”

    1. Aldi do a lovely stollen- it is basically fruit dough wrapped around marzipan- some have almonds (actually some have no marzipan, but the word is like “swaddling” so it is meant to be Jesus- marzipan- wrapped in swaddling- dough, so those marzipan-less ones are imposters!)- well worth a try.

  1. Wow that stollen looks amazing! Love the good chunk of marzipan in the middle too, I hate it when there is a measly amount inside!
    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better injury-wise, hopefully the rest will have you recovered in no time.

  2. I’m glad about you feeling better. It does get to that point when you start getting paranoid about everything. I swear I’m one big ball of paranoia about my body now. I am genuinely scared to start running again because I’m worried it won’t feel right…
    That afternoon looks AMAZING. I’d struggle sharing hehe 😉
    I was waiting to see if you would make another Jantastic team again (omg has a whole year gone by???) before signing up….but now my running club have made a team 🙁 I’m sorry I have changed allegiances!! We’re now competitors hehe.

    1. Oh no, we are rivals!!!! Ah well, we can have a good old smackdown!
      I have been feeling all sorts of things in my leg and then wondering if I am being paranoid- will stick to ultra gentle runs until I see the physio again.

    1. I gave Parkrun a miss- might go in a couple of weeks time.
      Yes- the coconut tea is so good, esp the one with hazelnut.

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