Perfect pasta and baths for the win

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

Since I visited the physio I have been trying to have regular baths. Now, I am not that good in the bath- I don’t like sitting around and I generally get too hot, plus it always takes longer than a shower. To make the time pass quicker I have sorted out a temporary measure- (and also because I am getting behind on my marathon talk listening as I usually listen on my long runs)- I have worked out that I can use my running headphones (they loop around my ears and won’t fall out) and tuck the mp3 player into my hair bun (mental blank- can I just call it a bun?) and then, success- I can listen to a podcast in the bath. Hooray.

I was kindly sent some bath salts (magnesium flakes) last week from Better You, what perfect timing. The instructions were to pour the whole packet (250g) under running water and then soak for 20-30 minutes. I didn’t take a photo of them in the bath, but they looked like coconut flakes- really huge chunky bits of salt, but they dissolved really well.

I also really liked the packaging- nice and bold and clear. They are available online and I think quite reasonably priced compared to the Epsom bath salts I have bought before. Something to add to my Christmas list as well, as I think I may need to carry on with the baths when I start running again.

We have also been enjoying plenty of pasta, thanks to this very generous package from Sainsbury’s.

My favourite has been the wholemeal spaghetti- we have enjoyed it with lovely Zest green pesto, courgettes and peppers. I had a lovely meal the other day with some Zest sundried tomato pasta, avocado and cherry tomatoes. It sounds like a strange combination, but seriously it is lovely.

Today I had mountains of work to do, and Andy was out, so I needed a quick and easy dinner (usually I am very lucky in that if I am working Andy will sort my dinner out for me)- I baked some herby tofu and some butternut squash, and then cooked up some of the chunky pasta tubes. Some red pesto stirred in to the cooked pasta and voila! A quick and delicious dinner. I was making some more honeycomb while it was cooking…

Bubbling away!

Anyway, of course it was ready just as the timer pinged for the pasta, but even though I left it for a little bit the pasta was still perfectly firm.

Just what I fancied.

I look forward to trying all the other pasta types- we don’t have enough cupboard space to have all the packets on the go at once, so it may take a while!

I am starting to feel very antsy indeed with no running for over a week now. At the moment I have zero pain, and although I feel I am moving cautiously, I have felt fine and am sure I could run if I wanted to. But I don’t want to start back too soon and make it worse. I have not booked another physio appointment yet- I keep getting home too late to call. I am going to give pump a miss tomorrow, as I think the squats and lunges are not a good idea, but I might try a gentle run on Friday. It is my local Parkrun’s 100th run on Saturday, but I am not going to that as I have the Jingle Bell Jog on Sunday which I want to be fine for, and I know I will be tempted to push too hard at Parkrun. The race is a 5K, and we have to wear Santa suits, so no pb chasing- I shall be running gently and possibly aiming for my slowest 5k time. But hopefully it will be fun and festive- I have never run a race in fancy dress before so I am looking forward to it.

Also, I got my first Christmas card today! To be fair it was from my cousin who has moved house, so partly it was so I had his new address, but I am still so impressed with their efficiency. I think that is another job for the weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Perfect pasta and baths for the win”

  1. I’d be terrified of the MP3 dropping out of my hair! I’m so clumsy I’d probably just drop it in there accidentally. I’m lucky that I can use my iPhone as it just has a speaker so I can keep the iPhone well away! I’ve dropped a book in the bath before…not good.
    I wish I liked pasta. I just don’t. It’s the texture and taste. I think it was because I got very ill when I was younger. I won’t go into details but needless to say pasta just didn’t appeal afterwards. I don’t mind rice though.
    Glad to hear your hip is on the mend. Definitely just take it easy. Any pain stop. I’m the worst person to give injury advice I suppose!

    1. I never even try to read in the bath as I would worry about dropping the book. I suppose a magazine would be OK.

  2. I can’t spend any length of time in the bath either. Showers all the way for me, or else scalding hot baths that I sit in for about five minutes (while washing), then get out as soon as humanly possible. I just find it so boring, and not relaxing at all. I have no idea how people lie back and relax in the bath, because it kills my neck and lower back.

    I hope you get to enjoy whichever race/races you decide to run!


    1. Yes I think I am too short for the bath to be relaxing as if I try to lie back, I slide all the way down and get my head submerged!

  3. Sorry to hear about the no running there seems to be lots of bloggers in a similar situation at the mo, must be in the air! I am with you on the bath front I just can’t sit about in the hot water soaking I am a shower girl on the way!

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