Starting to feel festive! And a ponder on running challenges

Well, we had Christmas month eve the other day (well, a month until Christmas Eve) so I feel like I can start getting a bit excited about things. I’ve got my first Christmas meet up this weekend (afternoon tea in London with some friends) and I actually did some Christmas shopping this week too.

How cool are these first of all? I got them from Tikaboo and they arrived on Thursday! I didn’t wear them for my run, as I am saving them for December.

I LOVE them! No pockets though, which is a pain, but at least in the winter I am more likely to have a jacket with pockets, and I can always wear my little sweatband as that has a key pocket.

Also, do you like the new flooring in my office! It was fitted last Monday and I am so pleased with it- not the best picture in the light.

I also had a total nightmare on Black Friday, as they were doing 30% off, so I decided to order another pair (these ones are red). I could not enter the discount code if I paid with paypal, and in the end I made an account with them, went back, added them, and then after adding the code went to paypal. To my horror, when the email came through my address was listed as “8 Bus, Hatfield” and my old postcode. I have NO idea how this happened! I checked my paypal address, and that was correct, and I checked the address on my new account and that was correct. I emailed them right away but they’d put a load of stuff on facebook telling you to check everything carefully as all their staff would be tied up with Black Friday. Of course. Why didn’t I notice???? Always before Paypal has set the address, but this seems to be a combination of my new address (we live at number 8) and our old address. Clearly there is no 8 Bus in Hatfield (I have visions of a postman running along the road after a bus). Anyway, I also emailed paypal who said they would try to check it, and thankfully when I got the dispatch email, the shipping address is correct (although my billing address is still the wrong one). Argh! Andy told me “this is why you don’t do online shopping at 6am!”. I’ve learnt my lesson!

So, the ponder. I was looking on Strava the other week and noticed I was past 800 miles at the start of November. Last year I noticed too late that I was close to 1000 miles for the year, so I have started to think about whether it’s possible. I thought I would see how things went, and I had one week where I didn’t run much as I wasn’t very well. I’m doing the virtual runner Poppy run this month, and I wanted to beat my miles from last November- last year I ran 76 miles, and so far I have now run 78. I still have parkrun on Saturday, a 5 mile race on Sunday, and probably a club run on Tuesday, so I can make a good dent in the miles left (yearly total is 881, so 119 to go). I might sign up for the 100 mile challenge in December, although I have signed up for the VR 5k series (the snowflake medals fit together and are so pretty), so I might not. Although December gets busy, once I finish from work I can fit more runs in during daylight, so I am likely to run further on those runs.

How ready are you for the festive season? Any shopping disasters like me? Anyone else feel totally panicked on Black Friday? I had so many emails in my inbox with great looking offers- where to start!!

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