Advent calendars and Christmas lights running

After celebrating my 250th parkrun, I ordered the top as soon as I got home pretty much. I was so impressed that it arrived early in the following week. It’s my favourite colour of all the milestones and ever since I started working towards them, I was looking forward to the green one the most.

I also received a lovely yellow heart in the post, courtesy of a lovely With Me Now pod listener- that community is the nicest online community there is.

Of course this week was the start of December, which meant the start of advent calendars!

This year I had the Bird and Blend tea advent, which actually has two teabags in each box- perfect with one for me and one for Andy. I also got myself a jam one, as I saw them last year and loved the idea. It contains loads of unusual flavours (peach and mint, things like that), plus I had an idea to re-use the little jars to fill with gifts for people in my team at work.

December also meant the start of Run Up 2 Christmas- my challenge was to run 60 miles (100 km) before Christmas Day, so I was keen to keep up with the mileage even though the end of term tiredness was creeping in.

Running looked a little different-  morning runs on Tuesday and Friday, and a Wednesday evening run. Our running club has put together a 12 days of Christmas challenge (they did this last year too and it was brilliant)- the challenges range from running a parkrun, running “naked” (no phone/watch), taking photos on your run, or listing your goals. One of the days you got extra points for festive leggings, top or hat, so when it was announced that there would be a festive lights run one evening, I decided to join in with it. There are lots of lights and decorations in the centre of WGC, and there is even an app to download, and QR codes at each place so you can check in. The run leader had got the app ready and planned the route, so I headed up to the meeting place on Wednesday evening. It was a bit drizzly and quite cold, but of course seeing everyone in their festive gear cheered me up no end. One of the runners was playing Christmas songs from her phone, and someone had fairy lights instead of a running light. We ran into the town centre, stopping at each decoration for photos, and it was just such good fun. A totally social activity and so good to chat with different people and get to know a few people in the club a bit better.

On the Saturday I was off to Jersey Farm parkrun, proudly wearing my new 250 top (I wonder when the novelty will wear off?). It was such a beautiful morning with the most amazing wintry sunlight. I had breakfast with my parents before heading home. Andy had ordered some Pret sandwiches for us to be delivered to them (because we do not have a Pret where we live, and I love their vegan Christmas sandwich). He had ordered both the vegan options for us to share, but annoyingly when I got home and we unpacked the bag, one of them was missing, so we shared it (which was fine but it would have been good to try the other one too).

I enjoyed a Pret cookie with some tea in the afternoon while I did some work, and then later we walked into town to get our Vitality drinks.

As it was December, Saturday night was time for a Christmas movie. We opted for the new Home alone (Home Sweet Home Alone)- it was OK, and I enjoyed some of the nods to the original, but (hopefully this isn’t a spoiler), due to the nature of the “baddies” I didn’t really enjoy all the slapstick comedy and injuries.

On Sunday I was off to run the Festive Five- a local 5 mile race which I really love. Everyone wears festive gear, the marshals are always so cheerful, and it’s one of those low key events where you can turn up 30 mins before to get your number. I can run from home as it is a couple of miles away, and lots of OH ladies were running too so we had a lovely catch up at the start. The course is two laps, and I ran most of it with a couple of runners from my club. I was also super chuffed to be offered regular or vegan chocolate at the end- fantastic. (And those NOMO drops are gorgeous)

Once home and warmed up, we headed back into the cold to go and get a Christmas tree. The farm we went to last year was really good, so we opted to head there again. Then we had the “fun” of untangling the Christmas lights, and then putting on the decorations. We also went on a quick walk as my wreath box had arrived, and I needed to get some greenery for it. I then watched some Christmas TV shows (Christmas at the Plaza hotel in New York) while I decorated the tree and made the wreath.

Such a festive weekend!

Have you watched any Christmas movies or TV shows yet?

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2 thoughts on “Advent calendars and Christmas lights running”

  1. I love the sound of that Christmas lights run with the app – such fun! I haven’t had much chance to admire the Christmas lights this year and I’ve missed seeing them.
    I have watched so many Christmas films and tv shows. A mixture of old favourites, more recent ones I enjoy and a few new ones. There are more than can possibly be fitted in to the festive season!

    1. Yes very true! We have some films we watched last year so won’t be watched this year- we have to spread it out!

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