Back to Jersey farm, and a longer long run

Pasta, the amazing moon, frosty pavements and perfectly themed tea club

It was another freezing cold week, which meant gentle early morning runs due to slippery pavements. It’s strange because some of the pavements that are close to main roads (warmer) seem to be the last to thaw, or there will be weird patches of ice when the rest of the street is clear. It does make for some very pretty runs but trying to photograph the frost in the dark is not easy!

We did have an amazing moon during the week too, so again I tried to take some pictures of it- most successful as I was leaving work (in the not quite dark, hooray).

The trouble with the frost (and I am a fan of the blue skies and frosty winter days) is that it is absolutely freezing at work- for ventilation we have to keep the doors and windows open, and it is just horrible at times. I wrap up in many layers (as many as are practical when needing to write etc) and have a nice puffy gilet to wear inside too, but once your bones are cold it’s so hard to warm back up. Last Friday I felt awful by the time I got home- I think I had just been so cold for so long, and could not even face going back outside for a short walk, I just had to lay on the sofa under a blanket, and Andy put the fire on. Even that didn’t help and I ended up going to bed super early and taking a LFT test to check that I was OK (I was).

The Tea Club theming for this month was perfect with it’s focus on self care. My aim (on the self care side of things) was to keep up with the 30 days of yoga challenge. It’s been going well- I have tended to manage it either 4 or 5 times a week, so I will finish it later than planned but I will finish it. I am really enjoying them. In previous years I feel like there were lots of sessions that were 40 minutes, and even though that isn’t a lot of time, it is still harder to fit in. The 20 minute sessions mean I can fit some in before I go to work on a couple of days. I do feel that they are helping too- I even managed a little crow pose in my yoga class and I am sure that is because I am slowly building up a little more strength and confidence.

Crosstown apple doughnut, hot chocolate + fire, parkrun and the moon

Andy had ordered us Crosstown doughnuts (as they had free delivery) so we had those to work through over the weekend. On the Saturday morning I was off to Jersey Farm to run with my dad. I’d not been there this year due to various things, so it was good to be back at one of our local events. We saw a few OH runners and even bumped into one runner (Jan) who used to run regularly at Ellenbrook Fields parkrun but hadn’t been to a parkrun since they restarted (which I find hard to compute- I just can’t imagine not going to one after we waited so long for them to come back).

Crosstown PB&J, Red Velvet tea and Ron’s Gone Wrong

In the evening we finally got around to watching Ron’s Gone Wrong, which I really enjoyed (and it teaches us a lot of lessons about how social media can be damaging).

Sunday was time for another long run. I’d enjoyed my trip over to EF last Sunday so headed in the same direction, adding on a loop at the start to up it to 12 miles. I saw a little group of long tailed tits (which are just adorable little birds) half way up a hill, so of course stopped to look at them. Coincidentally, I’d seen 2 on the way to JF parkrun with Dad the previous day, but hadn’t seen them before that weekend for a couple of years.  Anyway, it was a damp and cold run and I was glad to warm up with a hot shower and then a latte kit left over from Christmas (a snowball latte).

I did a bit of yoga in the afternoon and it really helped with my sore legs so I must remember this!

How do you cope with the cold?

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4 thoughts on “Back to Jersey farm, and a longer long run”

  1. I hear you on the extra LFTs. I’m forever expecting a positive result since I feel so ropey by the end of the day but it’s really just being cold and exhausted. I’ll be ready for my half term break!

    You’re doing YWA much as I have in the past – just keep working through them in order until you reach the end and 4/5 days a week is fine. I liked that they sessions this time were around 30 mins or less as I have the same problem with 40 min ones. It’s so weird since it’s not that much longer but trying to fit them in at the end of the work day can feel tricky. This year I had to skip a couple of days due to a parents’ evening and a day when I just didn’t have time, so I finished in early February, but it was fine as there was no pressure to do every single day if it didn’t work for me. It was different last year when we were working from home and finding time was far easier!

    1. I hope you enjoy it when your half term comes.
      I am still going through the YWA- 3 more days to go but I think I will get only a couple done as we are away for a few days in half term. I need something to do when it finishes though!

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