Pink tea and an alpaca

Pink tea, tea club artwork and gorgeous hazelnut chocolate drops

Rewinding back to the week before half term, I received my tea club and just absolutely loved the artwork this month- check out how cute it is! One of the teas is called Whole Lotta Love, and is basically a fruity tea that you can add milk to. It turns a beautiful pink, and tastes a bit fruity and nutty. It was my morning tea of choice until it ran out.

Totoro hoodie for “express yourself day”, face mask in the evening, tiffin and a bluetit visiting our doorbell. 

It was a busy week (aren’t they all?) with parents evenings and a training course after school which meant that for 3 of the days I was home much later than usual. I did manage to keep my morning runs (4 miles on Tues and Thurs, including a hint of a sunrise on the Thursday run!!), I attended the online yoga class and also managed a few more of the Yoga With Adriene January challenge- doing days 25, 26 and 27 on Monday, Friday and Sunday. Andy was out on the Wednesday, so after yoga I treated myself to a face mask and watching some TV under a blanket. I started Around the World in 80 Days (bit disappointed about the theme tune..). I also enjoyed some tiffin which I’d picked up on my long run (from the little plant based coffee trailer in Panshanger park).

On the Sunday following our trip to Bartley Park, it was of course long run time. I ran along Cole Green Way to Hertford, into Panshanger Park, then back home through the little villages. It’s nice to have a loop rather than an out and back. I bought a brownie from the coffee van for us to share later, and even saw an alpaca in a garden! I used to see it on my way back from Panshanger parkrun, but even when I’ve been that way I’ve not seen it for ages.

I then had a lot of jobs to get done, including sewing holes in socks (not too bad) and sewing on my vegan runners patch to my club vest. This was very fiddling and I am not good at this sort of thing. I was very glad when I’d finally finished!


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