Nakd day

Hi all

Thanks for all the comments on the last post- I appreciate them all.

Today started with some cherry porridge- I cheated and added half a bag of nakd cherry raisins to the porridge before cooking.

The result- lovely porridge with bursts of sweet cherry in each mouthful πŸ™‚

I also had my last nakd berry bar at break time this moring.

Then the other day I ordered some more new nakd bars (me and Andy have gone through the box already) and they arrived today.

I ordered a box of cocoa mint and a box of cocoa delight, as they were my fave. But look closely and you will see that a pixie has left a few freebies in there too in the form of a cashew cookie and pecan pie bar. How exciting πŸ™‚

Yum. And a totally nakd packed day was enjoyed by me!

After work I went straight out to dinner with some old friends, and it was fab to catch up with them all. I love catching up with people I have not seen for a while, and bonus- we arranged to meet up in January so we have something to look forward to πŸ™‚


Recipe success!

So a while ago with the teapigs giveaway my fave sounding recipe was the spiced apple cupcakes from Laura, but when I made them they sunk and burnt- I had halved the recipe but don’t think I did it right! So anyway, I decided to make the recipe again but this time bake it in a tray, instead of cupcake cases. I also made the icing and I have to say that the icing is amazing- so fudgey and delicious! I didn’t have any dried milk powder but it seemed fine without it.

The recipe is from Veganomicon , and I would say that they are amazing- I only had a little slice but the apple is so sweet and spiced, and they have a lovely autumnal flavour. Mmmm.

I did some wrapping when I got back from work today so now the tree looks lovely.

After work it was time for aerobics (after a nakd gingerbread bar- very seasonal! )- there were loads of newbies today, and although it was freezing I had bags of energy. The songs were great which always helps. Also I normally try to avoid looking at myself in the mirror (one side of the studio is mirros and we spend most of the time facing ourselves) but today I was thinking that actually I looked okay in the mirror. Workout gear is not very forgiving and normally shows any lumps, plus when you are leaping up and down the jiggle doens’t always look that attractive. But today when I caught glimpses of myself I was quite happy with what I saw. So I am feeling good about that too. I feel healthy on the inside (which I think is really important) but it was good that I felt I looked healthy too- does that make sense?

Now it is time for a gingerbread cookie with some tea- love it πŸ™‚

More festive fun

Evening all

I was inspired by some other blogs for some close ups of my decorations, so skip to the bottom if you want to read about my run instead!

I got this moose candle holder from Copenhagen last year- Andy and I went there for 3 days last December for our christmas presents to each other. It is so pretty πŸ™‚

I love the Happy Holidays theme in america- and I also love gingerbread, and Minnie mouse. Andy got this for me one summer from the disney christmas shop.

The Snowman is my ultimate Christmas film, so when I saw these I had to get them. Normally they hang on the tree, but they are heavy and the little branches cannot hold them this year.

This is a tealight holder from Whitards. When there is a candle in it, the light glows from the little holes and it looks so pretty πŸ™‚

Another disney present from Andy- a cute gingerbread Mickey with the disney recipe in it too- bonus πŸ™‚

Ok, now onto the normal stuff!

After work I wrapped up and went out on a 5.7 mile run. I was thinking I would take it easy as my legs were stiff today, but I did it in 54 minutes so I was pretty speedy, not sure what happened! I think the cold is helping! There was fog while I was driving home, and the frost did not melt from the trees all day, so it was quite spooky, but also really beautiful as all the trees looked like they belonged on a card. I was a bit worried that the pavements would be icy, and as I was running there were twinkling bits, but they were fine. Phew.Β  I did see a couple of other runners, which is always nice- I always feel pleased to see other people getting out there (and it proves I am not crazy for going out).

I also got around to icing some of the gingerbread cookies to take into work;

I am hoping to spread the festive cheer, as it is so busy at the moment that no-one is pausing to enjoy the fun stuff.

I might do some wrapping later πŸ™‚ The bottom of the tree is all lonely!


Feeling festive

Hello all.

So today, the saga with the tree reached a good conclusion! We took back the fake one and swapped it for a real one.

It is only a diddy one but it smells so good! Have not had a real tree since I was little. I do now have a rash from the needles though! This evening we decorated it;

Keeping it simple. Plus the poor little branches would not take the weight of some of the decorations!

I also decorated a christmas cake for my parents and one for Andy’s parents;

And to check that the recipe was still good I made some gingerbread cookies in preparation for making a gingerbread house next weekend;

Fun cookie cutter shapes- stars, heart and snowman.

They make the house smell so festive πŸ™‚

For breakfast I enjoyed festive porridge- porridge with a handful of cranberries, a tbs pumpkin puree and some mixed spice.

Yum πŸ™‚

I also posted the cards I had written the other day, and bought some wrapping paper so I am getting prepared.

One of my favourite things is to get home from work and put on the lights on the tree- it makes the evenings feel special.

In the shops today I heard A Winter’s Tale being played, and I love that song. When I was younger I was in a choir and we sang that one winter, it’s such a beautiful song. I also love Winter Wonderland for some upbeat singing. My favourite carol is Silent Night, which reminds me of my Grandad so makes me a little teary. So, fave festive song or carol?

Ice, ice baby

(Perfect porridge weather- I also tried out my new thermal socks and the chilblains cream- am hoping to prevent any more from coming)

IcyΒ is what the roads are like now! The snow half melted, then froze overnight, then some more snow came, and that has also melted a little and frozen again. By the time I left for body pump this evening it was so slippery outside my house- not good.

Anyway, body pump was great– we had some more newbies (but they actually turned up on time!) and I really warmed up! I wish I could save the heat that I generate during a class, and disperse it during the day at work!

I wrote some cards today πŸ™‚ starting to feel more organised. At work we have decided that instead of sending cards to all the staff, we are going to put some money into a charity pot- anyone else do stuff like this? Sending cards in the workplace is a minefield- do you send them to your year group, the people you work with every day, all the teaching staff, etc etc- plus you see these people every day so are bound to tell them your seasonal wishes!

Night and hooray it is nearly the weekend- anything exciting planned?