Another blogging craze

Evening all

First of all, a picture of the peanut caramel squares I made yesterday;

They were lovely but the peanut flavour was rather faint- I think next time I would spread it a bit thicker on the base. I made them in a big tray so they were thin and spread out, instead of in a smaller tray where they would be thicker.

But that was yesterday.

Today started off with another blogging craze- oats in a jar! I have seen so many people having it, and this week finished a jar of smooth PB, so I saved the jar to try it!

I had a mixture of normal oats, rude health porridge and cinnamon, and it was really tasty. I have tried almond butter in bircher muesli which is nice, but I have never had PB in a porridge before. It was quite rich, but a nice treat!

Mmm, does not look appetising at all! Haha! But it was very nice.

I managed to have a walk in between the rain showers (well, my walk ended in the rain so I half avoided it) and then spent the afternoon doing jobs and watching the grand prix, then popped to see relatives.

What a nice sunday, even if the weather has been awful!

So, anyone else tried/ never tried oats (porridge) in a jar?

And any other blogging crazes that people have tried and liked/ not liked?


Morning all-

Yesterday I didn’t post (shock!)- went out straight from work to catch up with some old friends, and by the time I got home I was tired, it was late, so I had some tea and didn’t turn the computer on.

But normal service will be resumed today! 🙂

Am pottering about letting my breakfast go down before I go out on my run. I am actually wearing a long sleeved top as opposed to my running vest as it is so cold. I don’t think I can get away with it any longer!

I saw in the news that on average we all own 15 cookery books- well, a quick count and I have over double that! Lots of gifts, loads of baking books (what a surprise), some freebie books (like a rowse honey book , the Doves Farm book, some olive oil book), but loads of books! It also said that most people stick to 7 recipes- spag bol, pasta and sauce, stir fry, shepherds pie, sunday roast, stew and one other (I can’t remember what-EDIT- it was omlettes). We tend to stick to the same recipes most of the time, but we do swap things in and out, and try new recipes now and then. Our faves are chilli, spagetti (pesto for me/ meat for Andy), home made pasta sauce with pasta, home made pizza, home made calzone, sausage and bean bake, mexican bean wraps, fajitas, bean/meat burgers, veggie moussaka, lentil/beany bake things. But I have been trying new things too.

So- how many cookery books do you own?

 What are the main meals that you tend to cook and eat?

And any new recipes that you are going to try soon?

Back later for a run recap 🙂

Double shred

Evening all!

What a lot of rain we have had today, and even a random massive flash of lightning!

When I got home today I had a nice lemon and ginger snap type thing;

(It is raw and mostly made of flaxseeds along with agave and some other natural things)- pretty tasty.

Then it was on with the Shred . As there was no body pump tonight 🙁 I decided to do part 2, and then part 1 (get the harder part out the way first) to half make up for it. Those walk out push up things are really hard, and I am glad no-one can see me when I do the weird plank squat thrusts and jumping. But it was a great workout ad by the end my arms were really aching. I was considering a little run as a cool down, but it was tipping it down, so I stayed inside (cop out!).

I am pondering what shoes to wear while I do it. At the moment it is some old trainers that are not really for sports, but they have clean soles (!)- I don’t want to wear my running trainers in the living room as they are filthy, and the only other pair of sports trainers I have I use in the gym, but they still go outside to and from the building. I can’t workout in socks or slippers, so what do other people wear on their feet when doing a DVD/ home workout?

After that it was dinner (veggies + pesto+ spagetti = yum) and then had a dash to the shops.

Then I had some (half) of this stuff;

Conscious chocolate “Fruit Fantasty” with figs and dates. It is delicious- there are loads of pieces of figs in there- win!

Now I am off to put my feet up, and maybe have some teapigs caramel rooibos- yummy! On a food network advert there was a shelf with a whole load of teapigs tea on it, in the background. Random fact for anyone that is interested.

More parcels!


I was tres excited today when I got home to find my recent internet orders waiting for me!

One parcel contained teapigs tea:

I ordered some more chai, some caramel rooibos, some chocolate flake tea to try, and a cup for work. I also got a free sample of mint tea- looks very refreshing 🙂

I had also ordered some Luna bars from wiggle (they were having a sale so it was rude not to, right?).

I had read great things about them on the net- they have loads of vitamins and stuff added. But also some sugar! I had a bar before aerobics and it was lovely- very chewy and more like a traditional sweet rice crispie cereal bar, so I think I would tend to have it as a lower calorie dessert (its only 180 calories per bar-8g protein, 26g carbs, 10g sugar so not as much as an actual brownie) as it would go well with some tea.

On to other things- I was super sore today after the shred level 2 yesterday, which I am taking as a good sign as it made me work much harder.

Thanks for the comments yesterday- I think that after reading up I should be doing the strength work before the cardio- so if I do 2 together it should go shred then run. So I might have that as one workout, where I do level 1 so my legs aren’t too tired to run. Then I might have another day where I just do the shred, either number 2, or maybe work up to both, so I have more of a strength day. I was rather taken by Rob’s workout grid, so I think when I have some time at the weekend I may try and do one for myself.

Completely off the point, does anyone get a veg box delivered? I have been looking into it for a while and can’t decide whether to try it. I like to plan meals so I would not want there to be waste, but then in the winter I tend to make a lot of soups or fake innocent veg pots (veg with quinoa and beans) for lunches, so I suppose veggies would go in those if I couldn’t find a recipe I liked. Do you have to supplement the box with other shopping? Are the recipe cards good? Do you have much control over the contents? (e.g. I just could not eat parsnips so could I not have them?). Is there enough variety?

Aerobics was super fun, lots of cheesy tunes as usual. The luna bar was a good pre-workout snack as I felt like I had loads of energy. Once home I have got the sweat (so much sweat) off my face with these babies;

They are perfect for sensitive skin, and although they are un-scented they smell faintly of almonds- yum. I get really dry skin and I think the salt from the sweat makes it worse, so I am going to try to make sure I clean it off asap instead of waiting until after my shower.

After dinner I fancied something sweet so I had some of these (I didn’t take any pictures yesterday so I decided to make up for it today!)

(Ingredients- corn syrup, corn starch, agave, licorice, aniseed, carnuba wax)- suitable for veggies and vegans, and they are organic. They are also lovely- really strong (much stronger than panda licorice) and very chewy.

Anyway, off to finish my work before don’t tell the bride- yay!


Looooooong day

Urgh. It was a long day at work today! From 8am I had meetings with staff, with parents, then teaching, then meeting at lunch time, then more teaching, then a parent meeting straight after school, and then……… a presentation evening. I am all meeting-ed out.

Not much else to report! I had my quinoa/ roasted veggies for lunch (that was a mistake as it was tooo hot and I burnt my tongue when eating it as I only had a few minutes), I managed a clif bar before the presentation. I was lucky to come home to Andy cooking dinner and also a pretty bunch of flowers! 🙂

I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow!

My brain is fried so I am off to crash on the sofa! Night!