Long time no see

Well, what have I missed?
After my early run on wednesday I had the busy day, got home from the cinema at 12.15- a bit of a late one! Inception was a really good film, very clever and thought provoking, but the air-con was broken in the screen and by the end it was baking in there!
Anyway, Thursday was normal (last body pump until after holiday), but I was so shattered after wednesday that I didn’t check emails or anything!
Friday was a bit sad, as it was the last day of term, and lots of the staff are leaving, so we went out for a few drinks after work. When I got home I picked another courgette from the garden (I had picked a few baby ones but this was the size of a big banana) and had them for tea. Roasted yellow and green courgette and red pepper looked so pretty,in a ciabatta loaf with basil and cream cheese, plus some corn and a big salad. Yum.
As you can see my garden is still very much exciting me!
Today I have been catching up with an old friend and her little boy. We went to a local farm park, and even saw a reindeer and some wallabies! I went to the shops on the way back, mainly to look for a suitcase (no joy) but I did see a new magazine, Vegetarian Living. Now it did have a free 9bar on it, which caught my eye, but it is packed with recipes and interesting looking articles so I decided to give it a go!
Off to bake something for sunday tea now.

Shopping fun

Now I am not usually one for shopping. But today I went to a massive shopping centre with some of the girls from work. We needed to get presents for the Teaching assistants that work in our classes, plus leaving presents for people who are leaving. So I had a long day trapsing around the shops. At every paperchase I went into (and boy there were a lot) I kept seeing these cute little tuppaware pots. They are like russian dolls- 4 sizes all inside each other. Anyway I ended up treating myself- they will make lunch time fun! Although my friend did comment that they would be good for baby food. There is a little one which would be fab for a blob of nut butter!  £7 is not bad for a treat seeing as my friends were getting expensive bags and shoes and things.

What do you like to treat yourself with? I used to love clothes shopping (back when I had more money to spend maybe!!)- now I get tired wandering around shops all day and get a bit bored. I would rather get a nice plant for my garden or some baking things, or running clothes! My three fave hobbies!!

Also I know some people have had trouble commenting on here, but now the teething problems are fixed so comment away!


Three days in one

I hope this isn’t becoming a habit! Work was so busy and aerobics was cancelled Tuesday (just as well), Wednesday I got home at 9pm so was vry tired, and today I had body pump as usual- hooray!

Not much else to report. I just chopped up a huge watermelon (in fact it was small but you know much bigger than other melons)- I have most of it in the fridge, some for lunch tomorrow (yum) and have put some in the freezer. I am going to try to make a fake sorbet with it- as it has a nice crunchy texture anyway I think it will be very nice whizzed up.

Off now but hopefully back to normal service at the weekend!


Hug a Fruit!

Well some of you may have noticed that a while back I posted about healthy fats, as part of chocolate-covered-Katie’s Hug-a-fat month. Well it’s back, this time it is all about hugging fruit.

Well this one is easy for me! We need no reminding as to why fruits are so good for us- fibre, water, vitamins, anti-oxidants and countless other micro-nutrition elements that have yet to be discovered. Plus they are amazing! Such variety, colours, textures, flavours that I defy anyone not to like any fruit.

Even listing my favourites takes ages; I love mangoes, pineapples and papayas for a tropical treat. I love blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and nectarines for a taste of summer. I love dark cherries for a total treat! I love kiwis for a filling addition to lunch. I love crisp crunchy apples for a refreshing change. Or an apple sliced and spread with some peanut butter (more fat lurve) or some other nut butter. I love pears (from a tin even) sprinkled with cinnamon. In the winter I love clementines- that orange smell is delicious. I didn’t even mention bananas- they are my staple on holiday when I am hungry! Plus they are so good in Rachel’s banana bread mmmmm. I love fruit as an addition to a sandwich- PB and apple or PB and banana are so good! Apple and cheese is a fab combo too.

I even like some dried fruit (although only the kind without sulphur in it)- raisins go so well in porridge, dried cranberries go so well in cookies with white chocolate, dried mango is so good. I like the graze boxes because you get a little punnet of dried fruit with nuts too, so it’s not a total sugar high like it can be on its’ own. (Plus if you go to www.graze.com and enter this code KKJX34JF you can get a free box- bonus!)

I love fruit on its’ own. I love fruit with yoghurt. I love to make fruit into a smoothie. I love an apple with muesli and milk. I am getting addicted to fake frozen yoghurt (whiz up frozen fruit with a choice of yoghurt, soya yoghurt or custard- in the photo it is frozen raspberries blended with chocolate soya). I love it in things like muffins, pancakes, sauces (for a treat though not every day!). Fruity cheesecakes are delish.

So there you go- hug some fruit! But be careful especially if it is an over-ripe banana as it might go a little squishy.

I am still deciding what to do with my blackcurrants. I am thinking some kind of cheesecake as something about the tartness of blackcurrants goes well with the creamy mixture. May make some kind of cheesecake mix and cook the currants a bit as a kind of sauce, maybe some granola instead of the base? I had better decide soon before they go funny!

Today this is the fruit I have had (to keep with the theme)- raisins and apple at breakfast (see pic above), raspberries, strawberries and nectarines at lunch and cherries in the evening (I spread the pics out to make it look pretty).

Beside the fruit I have been to aerobics which was nowhere near as hot as last week, been to work, and watched some football. Cool.

Mostly about food!

Not much to report today, it’s been a busy one. So I will report on my food as I haven’t been on a run today.

I had some tasty basil tofu for lunch, in a wholemeal muffin with some tomatoes. I have not had that for a while and it’s making a nice change. I also had a lovely fruit medley for lunch (strawberries and raspberries from boyfriends’ parents garden, plus a nectarine)- so so summery. I also had a mini apple pie Nak’d bar for a snack, and a lovely 50 minute walk before dinner. Dinner was a sort of Mexican bean wrap- onions, chilli and kidney beans cooked and mashed, with red pepper, corn, tomato puree, then baked in a wrap in the oven, sprinkled with cheese and served with a salad (topped with some flax oil- I’m upping those omega 3’s).

I have ordered some pumpkin puree from Americansweets.co.uk (they do grocery items as well as sweets!), as I have a few delicious looking pumpkin recipes (bread, cupcakes…) but you can’t seem to get it anywhere in England. I will be super excited when it arrives, the only problem will be which recipe to make!

I haven’t been out I the garden yet- might pop out in a bit.