Woohoo! Body Pump was great tonight! I kept with the higher weights, and the last few weeks my legs were realy shaking in the tracks after the squats, but this week I was ok. It is amazing how quickly you adapt to things isn’t it? I am so tired now though.

It was another busy day at work (busy but fun- lots of fireworks themed stuff) but I was excited to get a few parcels in the post. I am looking forward to trying them over the next couple of weeks.

Beet it beetroot shots. Apparently it helps you work harder during exercise, and it also apparently does not taste like beetroot. Which is good, as I love beetroot but I am not sure if I would like to drink it! Anyway, I will let you all know what it is like when I try it.

Also some yummy looking raw chocolate. I am sure it will not take me long to try it! Raw= healthy, right?? 😉

So at work today we were learning about Guy Fawkes, and we finished by talking about why fireworks were used to remember it, and also people putting Guys on bonfires. It made me think, I do not think I have ever seen that. My middle school used to have a bonfire at the fireworks display (without a Guy though), but normally now there are just fireworks displays- anyone still go to a proper bonfire? Or have a proper bonfire? (it does not count if you are burning garden waste!).

Meal out

Evening all 🙂

Last night I had aerobics, which was fun as usual. I also had the last piece of my pumpkin gingerbread 🙁  But on the up side, I have loads of new recipes to try, thanks for all the suggestions already on the teapigs giveaway.

After work today I had planned a run, and even though traffic was awful and I was home later than planned, I made myself go out. I did about a mile of steady running as a warm up, then spent the next mile and a half running intervals (20 counts fast, 20 counts slower as recovery- probably works out as 45 seconds each but I don’t time it), then another mile or so to cool down. Nothing interesting to report, but I was feeling very tired by the time I got back. Work has been busy and I only managed a 10 minute lunch, and I hate eating fast, so I think partly that was why I felt tired.

Anyhoo, once showered and tidied up, the two of us went out for dinner. Ages ago Andy set us up a challenge on Nike+ (loser buys dinner)- to run the most miles before the start of October. At first we were neck and neck, but in the end I took the prize! We went to Prezzo (have not been there for ages) and they do a new thing now- smaller flatbread pizzas with salads (or smaller bowls of pasta with salad) instead of one massive pizza. I had a lovely flatbread pizza with yellow and red cherry tomatoes and mozzerella. I like the current trend of restaurants making “lighter choices” on the menu- like those pizza express ones with the holes in the middle. It is so easy when eating out to eat way too much food, so I like it when they give an portion controlled option.

Actually what was most exciting was that my new boots got a proper outing- they have only been to Waitrose to get pumpkin before today haha!


Upping those weights

Morning all!

I had fun at body pump last night- hooray! I got home from work after such a busy day (lunch time meetings- bleurgh) and teated myself to some teapigs chocolate tea. As it was so cold, by the time the time came for me to leave, I was very tempted to stay at home. Anyway, I added an extra amount of weight to the squats track, as I am not finding this one as hard as the last one. The actual squats were fine, but it is getting the bar back off my shoulders that is so hard! I kept to my normal weights after that, and my legs werre really shaky during the back and lunges track- they were feeling the effects of the extra weights at the beginning! They are wobbly this morning too!

Once home I tried a Chocolate Banana Mule bar (a special re-fuel one).

It had a nice chewy texture, and every now and then a little crunch (13% almonds). The banana flavour was like natural dried banana coins (the chewy ones, not the ones baked in honey) but I am not keen on dried banana, so it was not my favourite. On the plus side, a 65g bar gave me 14g protein and 253 cals, and it seemed very substantial.

Also, I missed a parcel the other day and picked it up from the post office on my way to work yesterday. Look what I got;

What a cute bag. The contents are even better;

I cannot wait to try them! I decided to order the sample pack as I am running low on all things nakd, so I want to be able to order them so they come during half term.

I love the texture of the gluten free ones (esp cocoa orange and gingerbread) more than the normal oat ones, so I have high hopes for these. Andy decided he liked the look of the cocoa mint one, and I must say that looks like it might become my fave- a while ago on facebook and by email they asked for new flavour ideas- I think I sent them a massive list (carrot cake, peanut butter, cherry) and choc mint was one (I am not claiming credit, just saying how much I am looking forward to it!).

Anyone tried these yet?

Right, one more day (training) and then it’s half term. Hoping for a run after work so later guys!

Shortest post ever!

Evening all

It was another parents evening tonight, so I got home late, had dinner and a shower and am now sat in myPJ’s. 🙂

Nothing exciting to report, but rest assured I will be back tomorrow for body pump! Hooray!

It was so cold this morning I had to defrost my car! Shock! So as a reminder of things to come here is the snowman I built last year in the snow;

I was happy that I had finally made it!

Tofu experiment

Evening all

Last night I tried making some kind of sweet dessert with some of the left over silken tofu. It was interesting! I blended it up with 80g frozen cherries (sainsburys dark sweet cherries that are delicious) but it tasted very odd (needed more sweetening). I also wanted to make it a chocolatey one, so I melted a cube of dark chocolate, but (school-boy error) when I added on top the cold tofu and frozen cherries mixture it froze the chocolate to the bowl. Hmm. So then I added some agave and some cocoa powder, and blended it up again, and it turned into this;

I could taste the cherries really well, and the chocolate flavour also came through. In the end it was a mini success, and I topped it with half a pack of bear granola.

I was actually impressed, but I think I preferred the silken tofu in savoury dishes like the pumpkin pasta, so I will be looking for more of those.

Work was busy, and on my way home I had to pop to the shops for a few things for dinner. I stuck to the list, except for these;

They are so cute! And also bargainous- 2 for £1.50! Now I just have to decide what to do with them- I am thinking maybe baking them and stuffing them with some kind of vegetable-quinoa mix.

Now my brain is buzzing from working late, so I am looking forward to relaxing (or zonking out) in front of Don’t Tell the Bride- yay!

How do you unwind (aside from going for a run) after busy days?