Solution to body pump aches

So last night was body pump- YAY! I love it and there was a new girl who came (it is normally a small class of 4 regulars plus about another 4 who come intermittently), so it was nice to chat to someone else and help them get the equipment out etc. I started a year ago, and my first day was similar- all the regulars helped me to get the step and the bar and weights etc, while I was a bit dazed by it all! She started with the same weights that I started with (eg 1.25kg on each side for the arms, and 2.5kg for the legs) and it made me realise how far I have come, as now I have a light bar of 3.75kg on each side, and a heavy one of 6.25kg on each side. Plus I can actually do the plank now!

Anyhoo- the day after I always ache loads, and last week I didn’t manage to get out on a run on Friday, so was still paying for it on Saturday. So today after breakfast I went out on a 2.7 mile run (in 25 minutes not bad). When I got home I tried out this:

I ordered it last week as I would like something I can do between running days, or after a short run, to complement body pump. I know that I could work out a routine myself but I am not good at pushing myself and think I would stop too soon.

So I tried out level 1 of the 30 Day Shred .

The DVD is broken into 3, 20 minute workouts, starting at level 1 (not easy!), moving up to level 3 so it seems good for progression. Also the only equipment you need are some hand weights, and I started on my lighter pair, so I know I can also move to using heavier hand weights.

I really enjoyed it; I love Jillian on The Biggest Loser, and during the workout she is talking to you about not giving up and feeling the burn and so on. She also demonstrates a lot of the correct and incorrect positions which was really helpful.

Each section has 3 circuits (plus a short warm up and cool down), 3 minutes of strenght work, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs, and most of the moves I had either done in body pump or during aerobics (things like the cardio flick kicks), so I felt confident doing it. It was hard work, and out of curiosity I left on level 2 and 3 just to see what they are like.

Some of the moves look hard, but then I thought if I watched a body pump class I would think the abs track looks impossible, but in fact I can do it, so I am thinking this will be good for me to do.

After that I was pretty hungry, so has some grapes and a seed stacked bar.

The bar has more ingredients than the plain seed bar I tried the other day- due to the yoghurt topping. I normally refuse to buy anything claiming to be yoghurt topped or coated as it is normally oil/ veg fat, sugar and milk powder. This one has those, but also some natural yoghurt. The topping did not taste that strong, but I suppose if you liked those kind of things then this would be far better than “yoghurt” coated raisins or an eat natural bar (I do not like their health claims when they are loaded with syrups etc!). It had 214 cals, 5.2g protein, 23g carbs and a great 4.3g fibre. Not bad for such a small bar.

After a shower and a trip to the garden it was lunch time again- roasted beetroot, cherry toms and this time red pepper, with a wholemeal pitta and cream cheese- yum.

I fancied something else so I had a pack of salt and vinegar So Crispy bites. They were tasty, and as they are made with part soya flour the packed had 8.7g protein which I was pretty impressed with! They have a similar texture to rice cakes, but a bit more substantial, which I prefer.

This afternoon I have been in the kitchen yet again! My fave hobby (apart from running of course!). We are off tonight to Wagamama’s (I think I must be the only person in the country who has never been- I am hoping they will have something I will like) for my brother’s birthday, so I made him some carrot cupcakes, this time with orange-cream cheese icing.

I adapted the Hummingbird recipe a bit, as 100ml oil seemed a lot, so I did 30ml oil and 70ml milk to keep the liquid the same. They look alright! The icing is super runny though!

Then I made some scones for me and my boyfriend 🙂 so we can try some of the jam I made. I used a recipe from the free Dove’s Farm book, which uses wholemeal flour, only a tbs sugar, and milk (no egg). There was a smidge of dough left so I made myself a mini one which I had as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea (Spice imperial of course). It was lovely, although they haven’t risen that much, even though I remembered the non-twisting-of-the-cutter-technique.

Inside the cup it says “it was all started by a mouse” which I love 🙂

I am going to finish making the squash soup now, and maybe have a walk as it has not rained for a while.

And I must say that I am a lot less stiff than usual, so after body pump as well as a run to help stretch out my legs I am thinking that a session of shredding may be added to the cure!

Any good post-workout-ache cures?

Experimenting in the kitchen

Hello all

First things first- I had planned a 5.5 mile run today, but due to the weather (it keeps on getting it wrong recently) predicting rain from about 9am, I decided to do the 3.7 mile run before breakfast instead. As I am not training for anything, and already had one run in the rain this week, it was what I fancied.

The run was good, 35 minutes (so only one min slower than last time, I think I have sped up a bit). I started off slow (10.33, then 10.14) but finished quick (8.48)-not sure what happened. I think I got hungry and decided the faster I got home the sooner I could eat! (IN fact I had forgotten to put the hot water on so I had to wait before my shower, so didn’t get breakfast for a while).

I have been out shopping (I seem to have done loads recently)- had to get a pressie for my brother, and decided to pop to the health food shop to get a couple more clif bars. Also, check out my haul from Morrisons the other day- I thought they had stopped doing Nak’d bars so imagine my excitement when I saw the best 2 flavours- gingerbread and cocoa orange! Plus some so crispy bites for when I fancy something salty after a long run.

When I got home I was hungry, so I decided to experiment with a smoothie- coconut water, frozen watermelon and a few blueberries. It was ok, (refreshing) but as soon as it came out the blender it started seperating and wasn’t very thick. I also had a peanut butter clif bar, which was delicious, but not as nice as the oatmeal raisin one.

I also had to do some work (boring) and did a great job of distracting myself on the internet. I did however get it done.

Now, onto dinner. I fancied another experiment, so am having a sort of concoction of 3 different dishes. On no meat athelete I saw a pineapple, beans and rice dish, and in my Veganomicon book there is a quinoa pineapple cashew stir fry, and also baked tempeh. So from that I have already boiled the tempeh and marinated it in a little oil, along with almond butter (not cashew), some paprika and ginger. Then I am going to make some quinoa with spinach, and serve it with some grilled (or maybe baked) pineapple. Sounds a bit hotch potch but I am hoping it will be sort of tropical with the pineapple, and the nuttiness of the quinoa and the almondish tempeh.

EDIT- Here is my dinner. It was quite nice, the pineapple and quinoa were lovely, think I need to practise my marinading skills!

We shall see!

Gosh this weather is horrible, I had a cup of tea and even contemplated putting the heating on! Imagine! In August! (But I didn’t).

I watched some of the great british bake-off and I must say I really would love one of those KitchenAid mixers. I have seen a cream one which is so pretty. But I only have a little kitchen, plus it is a lot of money to spend on one thing. So I will make do with my bowls and utensils at the moment!

So, any hotch-potch meals that you love?

And any “treat” things that you would love?


OK, here is the rain!

Well as predicted it rained loads on the way too and from the airport last night, not good as a lot of the journey is country roads. But all was fine, although I only managed about 5 hours sleep!

I popped into work this morning, and then went to Starbucks with some buddies- along with my usual chai tea (I love their chai tea, so spicy) I had a cinnamon roll. My, that was delicious.

After that I had to do a few jobs, and once I got home I decided to have my run before lunch. I was aiming for a shorter, faster run today, and was hoping that the cooler weather would help that.  So I headed out on the 3.7 mile course (this time with music for a change as I think I run faster to music). After 7 minutes it started raining, which was gentle at first, so cool and refreshing. I even passed a few other runners as the rain got heavier, and they were all very friendly and cheerful. I do think that when the weather is worse, runners are a more friendly bunch- we are all thinking “arent we crazy to be out in this?”.

By the end the rain was very heavy- the water was running in my eyes and I was regretting not wearing my tennis visor, plus I got a little worried that my top may start to go see-through (thankfully it hadn’t) and I am sure that helped me to speed up as I managed the route in 34 minutes. I am sure last time I did it, it was 37 minutes, and according to my Nike+ I did the first mile in 8.48 (wow), then 9.24 (still good and had a little stitch) and then 9.12. So a much faster pace than I am used to, but it is good for me to do this as I would like to speed up a little bit. I need to remember to take advantage of the cooler weather as I am much better in it.

Anyway, tomorrow I have friends over so guess what-

Yes folks, that means baking!

I made some carrot cakes (still yet to ice and may even take a pic tomorrow)- from the Hummingbird Bakery book. The recipe is for one big cake, so I did 1/3 of the recipe (as it was 300g this, 300ml that, 3 eggs etc), and made 8 cupcakes. Looking good so far.

Now one friend is a coeliac, so I have made some gluten free cornflake bites with G-F chocolate, plus some Nature’s Path flakes. I have baked for her in the past but it makes me so nervous in case there is a shred of flour left from previous baking, so making something like that was easier.

Anyone else worry about that? It would be similar I suppose to cooking for someone with a severe allergy, and although I do clean, put stuff through the dishwasher etc, the flour is so fine it gets anywhere. Anyway hopefully she will like them 🙂

I am off for some more spice imperial tea (black tea with vanilla, orange, cloves and cinnamon) – yum.

Thanks for all the comments too, I really appreciate them


Running vest dilemma

Well, I was supposed to be doing down to the south coast for the day, and then I was going to do a long run tomorrow. But in the end I didn’t go down, and tomorrow it is supposed to tip with rain, so went out today. I had some bircher museli for breakfast, and pottered about as per usual. I loaded up my mp3 player with the newest marathon talk podcast, and got ready. For some reason I had no running tops left (all in the wash whoops) so had to make do with an old “workout” vest that is actually made of cotton. Not good. (It was that or wear one out the dirty wash basket which I could not face- what would you do?).

Anyway my run was ok, it was very muggy again today, and after 40 minutes the sun came out and it was baking- I had to stop and walk in the shade for a minute to cool down. I ran around the lakes and then a double loop through the park (had to stop again and sort my sock out which was rubbing on my toe). In the end I did 8 miles which is my longest run since before holiday (and possibly since my half marathon, not sure). I think I was pretty consistent, although the Nike+ shows some slower miles (due to me stopping I think)- my fastest was 8.48, and my slowest was 11.28 (which was when I stopped for a bit), and altogether was bang on 80 minutes.

When I got home I had some chocolate nesquick (yum, had forgotten how good that is) and after my shower I realised it was lunch time! I had a slice of sunflower seed rye bread with goats cheese, and then cooked up some spinach and cherry tomatoes, and added some basil pesto. Delish. I was still hungry so went for blueberries, yoghurt, blob of plum compote and a sprinkle of fru-grains. Yum.

I sat here and did some work, and realised I was getting stiff, so decided to have a walk. I went about 2 miles, plus a little wander around the shops (I treated myself to some new tea- teabags and loose leaf tea “Imperial Spice” which is black tea with orange and spices). When I got home I had a cup of spice tea (verdict- delish as always well done Whitards), plus some banana bread with choc PB.

Since then I have done a little more work, plus updated the “about me” page, and added a list of the blogs I follow.


A good clear out

Well I was without t’internet for most of yesterday and was so busy I didn’t post! Went to work, collected my glasses (they are not as big as I thought, but my eyes are taking time getting used to them), did the shopping and housework. Plus I used a courgette from the garden to make some courgette bread from my Bake book. It is much like a banana bread recipe, with lots of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves- it smelled delicious and I had a slice as my post body-pump snack and it was delicious. I used half wholemeal flour, loads of spices and it was yum!

Today I have been busy again- we have people over tonight and I am making some pizzas and bread (all on the go at the mo). Earlier I made brownies (my oldest recipe which makes them all chewy and sticky- yum). I also decided to make bread for lunch (was in a bread-baking mood) so I added some cranberries, cinnamon and flaked almonds to my normal bread= delicious!

I had one little slice with cream cheese, and one little slice with rainforest nut butter- delish!

Before my run today I tried a new snack (sent to me by the kind folks at It was a seedy flapjack bar, and I think it may replace the 9bar as my fave seedy snack. The ingredients are honey, oats, seeds, nutmeg and vanilla extract. No oil or anything else to bind it together. In a 50g bar you get just under 200 calories, nearly 6g protein, 5g fibre and about 28g carbs. Pretty good stuff, not to mention all the goodness from the seeds. It tasted lovely too- you could taste the nutmeg, it gave it a nice spicy hint. The texture was lovely, not too seedy, nice and chewy. Altogether fab (10/10 cherries for me).

When I got back from my run (5 mile run which I listened to the rest of the marathon talk podcast- good stuff, although it is so muggy out there I was dripping when I got back urgh!) I had some coconut water (cocowell- got it from the health food shop)- tasted lovely and I added in a little bit of mango smoothie. Yum.

I also spent a good hour today in the garage clearing out junk which we then took to the tip- I love a good clear-out, so theraputic isn’t it?

Anyway, back to the dough-making now!