Pre holiday panic


So the panic has begun! I like to be packed with a week to go so I know that I will not forget anything. I also like to make sure I have cleaned the house before I go (so I don’t have to when I get home), and left it all nice and tidy. Well, I made my list the other day but I keep having dreams where I get off the plane and find I have not even packed underwear.

Today started with mince pie porridge;

Yum, sprinkled with cinnamon of course!

It was the christmas play at work and I was feeling nervous, (it went fine) but I have been feeling all day like I have been full of adrenaline- its a weird feeling. Anyway, it wasnt the play because even when it was over I still felt funny. After work I had 2/3 of a graze flapjack (I didn’t know they did them until it arrived in my box)

(along with a cardboard make-your-own reindeer which I made of course). Good for a pre aerobics snack anyway. (Aerobics was fab, very high evergy which is what I needed). I thought it might help but I still feel a bit panicked. I have put some of my holiday clothes in a box in the living room as I don’t want to wear anything that I want to take in case I don’t manage to wash it in time.

Anyway, I am going to relax now – hopefully the start of my packing will put a stop to the nervous dreams!

So what kind of packer are you? A list and organised kind, or a shove it in the suitcase the night before and don’t worry kind?

Night 🙂

Better run and home-made gifts


After my bath last night (and deep heat) my leg felt better today, so after work I went on a short, 3 mile, gentle run to help loosen it further. I took it easy and although I felt ok, made myself stop after those 3 miles. The run was good, although it was colder than I had anticipated so was still chilly every time I stopped (to cross roads etc).

Then it was time to sort out the gifts I have been making.

I made some cranberry and white chocolate fudge- I used the Rachel Allen recipe for white chocolate fudge and added in cranberries for a festive touch. I was going to add in pistachios too (for the green colour) but I wasn’t sure if anyone was allergic so they are in the cupboard for another time. I got some little food gift bags from Sainburys;

I think the bags make it look so cute- much better than in a sandwich bag!

I also melted a few squares of dark chocolate to finish off the Mickeys I made for Andy (and the Minnies for me 🙂 )

Also a picture of the baby christmas cakes I made for our work tea tomorrow. I halved a christmas cake recipe and cooked it in a small square tin, once cool I cut it into little squares, covered each one with marzipan and then icing. (This I did on Sunday).

🙂 I am thinking that they will go perfectly with a cup of tea after work (its a sort of end of term social at school for all the staff) and as they are quite small people will have one.

Off to pack up all the presents to take to work now, so exciting- night 🙂

Quick update

Morning all

I have had a busy few days- Thursday was body pump night (last one of the current track list), and before I managed to make the dough for my gingerbread house, and bake the sides, and after I made the rest of the dough into little cookies (most of which I took to work).

On Friday I was stiff, and managed to fit in a 3.7 mile run after work, before the shopping was delivered. I only needed 2 layers as it was positively mild- maybe 6c! Then my parents came over for a Christmas get together as they are off too. Last weekend I made stollen loaves and had saved one for last night (the recipe said they were better if left as the flavours mingled even more), I was worried it would have gone stale or hard, but it was still moist and delicious- success 🙂 They took home the cake I made for them;

I didn’t set the alarm today, and woke up at 9.30 which is unheard of! So am letting breakfast go down before my long run. At least it is not as cold today.

Later on I am going to finish the gingerbread house- I am taking pictures as I go along this year so be warned! 🙂

Later guys!

Nakd day

Hi all

Thanks for all the comments on the last post- I appreciate them all.

Today started with some cherry porridge- I cheated and added half a bag of nakd cherry raisins to the porridge before cooking.

The result- lovely porridge with bursts of sweet cherry in each mouthful 🙂

I also had my last nakd berry bar at break time this moring.

Then the other day I ordered some more new nakd bars (me and Andy have gone through the box already) and they arrived today.

I ordered a box of cocoa mint and a box of cocoa delight, as they were my fave. But look closely and you will see that a pixie has left a few freebies in there too in the form of a cashew cookie and pecan pie bar. How exciting 🙂

Yum. And a totally nakd packed day was enjoyed by me!

After work I went straight out to dinner with some old friends, and it was fab to catch up with them all. I love catching up with people I have not seen for a while, and bonus- we arranged to meet up in January so we have something to look forward to 🙂


Recipe success!

So a while ago with the teapigs giveaway my fave sounding recipe was the spiced apple cupcakes from Laura, but when I made them they sunk and burnt- I had halved the recipe but don’t think I did it right! So anyway, I decided to make the recipe again but this time bake it in a tray, instead of cupcake cases. I also made the icing and I have to say that the icing is amazing- so fudgey and delicious! I didn’t have any dried milk powder but it seemed fine without it.

The recipe is from Veganomicon , and I would say that they are amazing- I only had a little slice but the apple is so sweet and spiced, and they have a lovely autumnal flavour. Mmmm.

I did some wrapping when I got back from work today so now the tree looks lovely.

After work it was time for aerobics (after a nakd gingerbread bar- very seasonal! )- there were loads of newbies today, and although it was freezing I had bags of energy. The songs were great which always helps. Also I normally try to avoid looking at myself in the mirror (one side of the studio is mirros and we spend most of the time facing ourselves) but today I was thinking that actually I looked okay in the mirror. Workout gear is not very forgiving and normally shows any lumps, plus when you are leaping up and down the jiggle doens’t always look that attractive. But today when I caught glimpses of myself I was quite happy with what I saw. So I am feeling good about that too. I feel healthy on the inside (which I think is really important) but it was good that I felt I looked healthy too- does that make sense?

Now it is time for a gingerbread cookie with some tea- love it 🙂