I would like some more sleep please. And that is all I have to say on the matter.

Onto better news, last week I ordered a load of teapigs goodies;

(the badge says I <3 real tea, which I do!)

and yesterday I tried the licorice and mint for the first time. It was in the jumbo pack and as I loved all the other flavours I decided I would try it. I am not one for herbal teas but it had good reviews. It tasted very much like spearmint- very nice. I could not taste the licorice, but I found it refreshing- think it would be nice in the summer. No picture but I am sure you can imagine what it looks like!

I also used my new pots for lunch today- sliced pear in one, and half a graze mix in the other (dark chocolate buttons, blanched almonds and cherries). Delish!

And after aerobicsΒ  (which I had loads of energy for again so that was good) I enjoyed a slice of stollen with cranberries- can you see the marzipan in the middle? It’s the best bit- save it ’til last!

Plus, exciting news- weΒ are getting an extra public holiday in the UK due to a certain marriage- what would you do with your extra day off? The May bank holiday is my birthday weekend anyway so now I have 4 days! Although due to the marathon plan it is going to be a 20 mile run and then probably the other days to recover! See how I am being optimistic here!

Night all πŸ™‚

Nutrition and a winner!

Evening all

So I have always been interested in nutrition. When I was school, for GCSE I did Home Econimics (how old fashioned- now they do food tech) and we had to do modules about which vitamins and minerals were in certain foods, and what illnesses deficiancies caused. We also had to look into specific diets and analyse them (this is when I properly researched vegetarianism and proved to my mum that I could be veggie and healthy). Since then I get a lot of info from magazines, or from sites on the net. But I am looking for a book (not quite “Nutrition for dummies”) which will give me a bit more info on nutrition, specifically vegetarian/ vegan or womens nutrition. I just wondered if anyone had any books they would recommend, as I have trawled through pages on amazon but it is hard to pinpoint exactly what I am after. Thanks.

Onto other things; ny cold is worse today. At the start of the week I earmarked today for a short run, but as the day has gone on I have felt worse, (stomach ache as well as the sore sinuses)Β so I decided to come home and have a cup of tea instead. I decided that as I am not training for anything, I could be fine but I could make it worse, and I did run Sunday, Monday and do aerobics last night so I am not sitting around every day.

Yet again I thought it was my last chocolate flake teabag, but I have one more. Delish with coconut milk. At the weekend I ordered myself some more as it is so tasty, and Andy told me I have no chance of getting tea for christmas!

I had it with some Mulu chocolate-

The “Silk”, which is meant to be like milk chocolate. I found it very sweet (I only managed 2 squares which I suppose is good as the bar will last), it tasted more like cooking chocolate than normal chocolate. It has an almost crumbly texture, and it is not my favourite. But it was still nice with the tea.

So, on the subject of tea, I need to announce the giveaway winner! I am rubbish at decisions, and it has come to light that if I do another giveaway I will need to do some kind of raffle system, or something, as choosing was very difficult! I appreciate all the recipe links and will have fun making them all (and when I do I will be sure to post them), but the winner is……

The Caramel Apple Spice Cupcakes by Laura πŸ™‚

So well done Laura, I am already wishing I had icing sugar to make them! I did contemplate making them without the frosting, but it sounds like it is important to have all elements, so will have to wait til the weekend!

So Laura, can you email me ( your address and I will forward it on to the teapigs people so they can get your prize out to you. And thanks to everyone else πŸ™‚ It really was such a hard decision!

And finally, while wandering on the blogosphere this afternoon, I came across a Happy Herbivore recipe for fat free, vegan pumpkin pie. It looks amazing, so it is another one I need to try. πŸ™‚

So many recipes, so little time………

It was a foggy day in greendale

Just for all the Postman Pat fans out there. By the way, did you know that the actress that plays Kalinda in The Good Wife was a voice on postman pat? Fun fact for everyone πŸ™‚

Today I have not seen the sun! At points at work we could not even see the front gate or fence from the school building- crazy stuff. We have a lot of fields by us so I suppose it just hung about all day.

After work (and a seed stacked flapjack yum- seriously if you have not tried them yet then do- I saw them in Asda the other day so you don’t have to get them online or from health food shops) it was time for aerobics. I was excited because my friend who used to come with me (and has not been for ages due to work) was coming- yay! πŸ™‚

But I am getting a bit of a cold- I had a really sore throat on saturday, and today I have been all sniffly and bunged up, so I was not bounding with energy like last week. Plus it was freezing in the studio (I think they had the air-con on- madness)- took a good 15 mins to warm up which is very unusual.

Anyone doing anything for children in need on Friday? We all have to wear something spotty, and the children are doing a bring and buy sale. I have spotty wellies (my only other spotty items are things like socks which they wouldn’t see) so I think I am having some kind of dress, leggings and spotty welly outfit! πŸ™‚

Cosy evening

Evening all

I have been having a great week, exercise wise, and feeling really motivated. But today I was really looking forward to my rest day. Work was so busy (2 meetings at lunch and one after school, as well as the normal day to day work) and so when I got home it was so nice to put on the kettle, put on the TV (the last Come Dine with Me of the week) and check out some blogs of course!

I am currently enjoying my fave;

Teapigs chocolate tea with coconut milk (our shopping was delivered when I got home and I remembered to order some more hurrah!).

We are off to a friends for dinner this evening; I am guessing an evening of rock band or singstar might be on the cards πŸ™‚ Perfect for this weather.

I am also hoping the rain will ease off as my race on Sunday is going to be a mudbath otherwise!! Have a lovely Friday everyone, and hooray for the weekend!

Seed-stacked lovin’

Hi everyone!

I had a great time at aerobics today! It is normally really fun, but today there was new music, some of which was old body pump music which was fab to hear. I have no idea about who it was by but it was fab!

I think my energy was helped by a yummy seed stacked bar which I had before I went.

Do you ever have those days where you feel full of energy? Today I was so busy at work, and I was tired, but when the music started I just felt good leaping about πŸ™‚ Love it!

PS Still time for the teapigs giveaway πŸ™‚