Feeling better

Today I have achieved lots of things;

1- Finished unpacking the suitcases

2- Two loads of washing

3- Filled in insurance forms

4- Spent 10 minutes trying to clear snow and then ice from my car, before I gave up and took Andy’s car instead (from the garage)

5- Went to the post office to photocopy forms, only to find out that the post office is now a mini-market with a post office counter and no photocopier in sight!

6- Bought ingredients to make more fudge for more presents (and a squash to make some soup)

7- Watched Kirsty’s Home-made christmas and wish I had icing left to make a polar bear for my cake!

8- Made roasted vegetable calzone for tea

9- Did exercise DVD (Shred level 1 and 2)

10- Cleaned the carpet where the dirty snow (from the cases) had left lots of stains

11- Spent a long time reading blogs!

12- Notice that I was given a fun blogger award by Kaitlyn 🙂 Thanks 🙂

13- Book flights for the summer to help cheer us up!

Since I was tagged I have to think of 7 things to put on here. So lets begin another list;

1- I love lists. I make lists for everything. I am one of those people who, if I do something and forgot to put it on my list, will write it on my list after just so that I can tick it off.

2- When I was younger I used to sing in a choir. For the audition I sang The Bear Neccessities from Jungle Book!

3- I cannot stand parsnips. The thought of them makes me feel like my throat is closing up. This is down to my Mum disguising them with the roast potatoes in the hope that we would all grow to love them. It did the opposite as I don’t really like roast potatoes either.

4- I love the smell of coffee but do not like the taste at all.

5- When I was little we lived in Denmark for a few months and I even went to the kindergarten at the local school- all the kids spoke English and now the only Danish I can remember is how to count to ten!

6- I am known to get very grumpy when I am hungry. At a wedding last year another friend actually packed a cereal bar for me in case we had to wait a while for food! Other than that I like to think I have a sunny disposition.

7- In my teenage years I was really into rock/indie music. I used to go to festivals (Reading for the hardcore peeps!) and I even crowd-surfed at an Ash gig!  I am definately old now as the last few I went to I had a seat! And I could not face camping any more!

So, if you read this and want to join in, consider yourself tagged! I try to read the blogs of everyone who comments on here, so feel free to join in 🙂 I look forward to reading more lists! 🙂

No Christmas getaway

Guess where I am.

Thats right, the getaway did not happen 🙁

Long recount so be warned!

On Friday we left here at about 7, and got to the hotel near the airport just before ten. At half 6 the next morning we were up and glad to see there had been no snow overnight, so we got the bus to the airport, dropped off our bags, got our money, went through security (still no snow)- boarded the plane (it just started snowing very lightly at that point), watched the safety video (snow got heavier), the plane got de-iced and we were told that we were going to take off before the “storm”. Then we were told that the runway was closed until 10am (our flight was meant to go at 9.15), but the crew were good until 1.30 that afternoon. Then the runway was shut til 12. and when we were about to get off we were told the runway was shut until 3, which meant the plane would not be going anywhere that day. Then the chaos started. We had to go and collect our bags, but because of the snow they were having trouble, and we ended up waiting in the reclaim area for our bags until about half 1 in the afternoon. Luckily we had some raisin bread with us, and had bought a bottle of water in the airport, as we were given nothing on the plane. After a few hours of waiting a lady came around with a piece of paper that said we would be rebooked on a flight leaving on Sunday, but nothing about hotels or food or anything. The desk for the airline had a massive queue, which turned out to be to use a phone as the desk was only manned until 9am (There was a lady screaming down the phone as she had been told that there was no 11am flight so we did not know what to think). I did try calling the airpine on my mobile, but it told me to go to the website, and when I called back and pressed different options it put me on hold for ages. I won’t go into it, but it was stressful- we were ringing our parents to see if they could book us a hotel, but there were none available nearby and the cheapest was over £200- the airline website said they would pay “reasonable cost” towards a hotel but we had no way of knowing what that meant. Then Andy told me that for my christmas present he had booked us tickets for Discovery cove (the Seaworld park where you can swim with dolphins)- but for Monday. As the new flight was to get to Atlanta on sunday evening, we would have an 8 hour drive to do in order to get there in time, which after spending a night in the airport (only option) we did not think was safe, so then we would have to book another hotel somewhere on the way, and miss the booking we had made on the next hotel too. Complicated I know.  We also found out that if we missed the day of collecting our car for hire there were no guarantees that there would be one for us. Anyway, to cut a long story a little shorter, we eventually made the painful decision to come home and get our money back, and hopefully re book for the summer.

Even getting home was awful as half the trains were cancelled, there were signal failures on the underground, but eventually we got home at about 10 last night. It seems silly because I know it was “just” a holiday, but we were both looking forward to it so much- having some winter sunshine, spending time outside, spending time together, seeing all the christmas decorations, the special shows (candlelight processional at Epcot is amazing), and of course the discovery cove. We spent so long weighing up our options, but the insurance people said that anything we missed if we still travelled would not be covered for anything we missed, and we could not really afford to pay out more for new hotels, tickets and another car. We also thought that after a night in the airport, we would take a few days to recover and it would affect the first few days of our holiday. We are still not sure if we made the right decision- that was all I dreamt about last night. I had to be on hold for over an hour last night to cancel the flight and start the process of getting the refund.

So, this is where I am at!

Snow joke.

I am trying to look forward to all the things that I can do at home that I could not do on holiday at christmas- so any ideas would be welcome!

And I am thankful after seeing the news that we did not get stuck on the roads, on the runway, or spent the night at the airport. We got home safe and sound, which is the most important thing.

Latest news

So, after it snowed hard at work and half the kids went home early, we booked a hotel! We have had dinner at home and finished packing, and are heading off to the airport in about half an hour.

So,I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas! I might manage a few updates, you never know.

Bye 🙂



The excitement in my class is at fever pitch at the moment what with it being so close to Christmas. I came home as soon as I could and even managed a cup of teapigs mint tea, squeezed in between cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, doing some dusting, washing up and putting a wash on. Phew. But I feel good that a lot of those jobs are out of the way before holiday. (By the way, if you missed it, me and Andy are off to the USA for Christmas- paying a visit to Disney and also a few places in the south- Savannah and Charleson 🙂  ).

Although we are now debating to go to Gatwick on friday night (and try to get a hotel) as snow is due here. We don’t want to get stuck here on saturday morning if the snow is bad here but not at Gatwick. Any thoughts?

Anyway, I went to get my haircut and was planning on wandering around the shops, but we had some snow and the traffic was bad, and so I had ten minutes before my haircut, and then the shops shut at 7. What kind of late night shopping is that? So they were shut when I came out. I did manage a speed shop in Boots for the last few things before I ran to the hairdressers! I am trying to grow my hair a little longer, so I had a trim but had my fringe cut again; I am quite liking having a fringe at the moment- makes me look like I have a hair style instead of just hair!

No running today (and no body pump); running service (and baking service) will resume shortly after the new year 🙂

Cheerio 🙂

Walking on clouds


Yesterday was the secret santa present swap at work. We don’t buy for individual people but get a themed present which are then randomly given out. I was given two pairs of fluffy bedsocks (the theme was “warm”).

After work I had a run (5 miles in the drizzle- I was so tempted by a cup of tea but I had posted on wlr in the morning that I would go- I felt better after!) and after my shower I put on a pair of the socks. It feels like I am walking in clouds they are so soft! Perfect for this time of year.

After yesterdays panic I am feeling a bit better about being ready. I have most of my clothes ready, Andy has been charging all the cameras and things, and I have a list of toiletries that I need to get tomorrow. I am having my hair cut 🙂 and as it is late night opening I can pop to the shops on my way back to pick up the last few bits I need.

I am off to relax now 🙂