Thursday, the third day

Hello all!

A super speedy post tonight.

I went to body pump and it was fab!

I was cautious to begin with, although I used my normal weights. I took the squats track a little gentler, not squatting as low, and that was fine. All the arm stuff was fine (well, I say fine, I mean it didn’t hurt my leg at all), and even the lunges (again, cautious) were fine. What did feel weird was the abs stuff- the plank where you move your hands out to the side felt a little strange, but all in all, back in the game!

Woo hoo!

Now for one of these;

Woo hoo again!



Now my question is, re. Friends- if Monday is one day, Tuesday is two day, Wednesday is what day, Thursday is the third day, what is Friday? Kind of rhymes with five day, but then where is number 4? Hmm.

Wednesday, huh, what day?

Evening all!

As if the excitement of all the parcels yesterday was not enough, today I got even more! One parcel was a present for a friend, but another one was for the cookie swap! How exciting!ย  Aisha sent me some vanilla cupcakes (for my blog name) and some indian biscuits called Tepla. I cannot wait to try them and have a cupcake lined up to accomany tea and TV later on! She was also so kind to put in a little Jamie Oliver cook book- how kind ๐Ÿ™‚ The cupcakes travelled remarkably well (I was too chicken to send cupcakes!!)- they have pretty icing, glitter, little shapes on them. Love it!

It was so exciting to open it and not know what was inside- like a non-birthday present! I love surprises ๐Ÿ™‚

On other subjects, I decided not to run today. Partly it would have been a rush to fit it in after work as I had someone coming to do a quote for some work on the house, and partly because my leg has been niggling. Only a tiny bit, but it feels like if I do a sudden twisty movement then I will make it worse. Normally it is feeling ok, but I decided that rest would do more good- I want to have fresh working legs on Sunday.

Something I am looking forward to is on Saturday I am volunteering at a race, and I have not done so before. It is a local race but as I had already booked the sunday race I didn’t want to do 2 in a row, so decided to help when I saw it on the website. So anyone know what to expect? It’s a 10K for cancer research, and I am at the finish line.

Also tomorrow is my beloved body pump.ย I am undecided whether to go- the moves are mostly slow so I am thinking it will be good to do some exercise that won’t make my leg more sore. Plus I amย feeling antsy and think it will help me feel better. I know I could go and have lower weights for the squats, and no weights for the lunges if it is sore. So anyt thoughts? Writing down the pros and cons seems to help- all the tracks for arms and chest will be fine, so I think I should go. Yes, I am pretty sure I will go.

Excuse that last ramble!

Goodnight ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday, one day

Hello all!

So due to the inclement weather yesterday (and my sore leg) I spent it in the kitchen whipping up some surprises for the cookie swap!

I am not going to put the pics up yet so it’s a surprise!

Today was a normal work day, and I was very sensible and only had a walk after work. It was soooo tempting to have a little run, but last night I had to resort to the deep heat, and although this morning it was much better, by the end of the day it was twinging (is that how to spell it?). It took a lot of willpower to not put my running clothes on! Silly me! But the walk I am sure helped.

Before my walk I had one of these delicious apple and cinnamon rolls;

They don’t look like much, but they are delicious! Made of flaxseeds, apples, a few other ingredients and spices, they do taste like cinnamon rolls. Yum. Each roll is around 80 calories, and packed with protein, fibre and healthy fats, so they would make a good mid-morning snack for me too ๐Ÿ™‚

So anyone else have to try very hard to rest when a little bit injured/ run down? Anyone else ran too soon and made things worse?ย  It will make me feel better I am sure!

Night ๐Ÿ™‚

Pinch and a punch..

..for the first of the month. Although it is waaaaay past midday so I am not sure if it counts?

Gosh what rubbish weather, I was originally hoping for a run after work, but driving home the weather was torrential, and I have my long run tomorrow and didn’t want my trainers to get soaked. I don’t mind running in the rain, but it was so bad out there. So anyway, I did some of my shred dvd instead. I did level 2, and then level 1 (as the level 2 stuff is harder so I decided I would need my muscles to be fresh to attempt all the moves). I did it in socks today but I think in fact barefoot would be the best option as I found the socks slippy. I was what I needed after body pump as I was pretty stiff today. My hand weights are not that heavy (well not as heavy as a body pump bar) and it seems to help, doing similar moves but with lighter weights. It’s still hard work. I make sure I put all the blinds down as I feel like such an ungraceful uncoordinated red-faced something (not sure what word I am looking for, not lump, but something kind of like that but less insulting!) especially during the walky press up things and the plank jacks.

Anyway, I had my last 9 bar today (a pumpkin one) split between morning break and after work, so I think I am going to order some seed stacked bars to fullfill my seed cravings.

I also think I might do a post about winter running, as I have had loads of useful tips from all the comments (thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚ ) so it might be worth putting them all together.

I have spent loads of this week stuck in traffic, and the other day I saw someone eating porridge while at a traffic light (not sure if I mentioned that another day but I keep thinking about it for some weird reason! Andy said she probably got it from Macdonalds as apparently they do porridge? But still, how can you eat that while driving??).

So totally off running or food or any usual topics- what is the strangest thing you have seen someone doing while they are driving?

Normal running service will resume tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay!

I love Body Pump!


After 3 weeks off (I think) it was back on tonight! And I do love it! It was the new one, and so for some of the tracks I used slightly lower weights, but I did manage the normal weights for some of them too. My shoulders are so sore now already (but in a good wayย I suppose). Not sure about the music though- seems to have less catchy ones than normal. Who knows, it might be a grower. Anyone loving the music this time around?

After my shower I had some teapigs chocolate flake tea;

It is lovely tea, but for a sweet treat I still prefer the creme caramel tea.

I got an email from the person who was running the focus group thing yesterday, saying that they are sorry that they didn’t send the email, and that I can have a place in the next group, so that was nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gosh I was mad today when I was watching the Jamie Oliver in america thingy- did you know that they count potato fries as a vegatable in the school canteens? It is utter madness- I did think those high school kids that did the cooking were really good though- it was uplifting to see their attitudes towards it.

Anyway, I am off to bed now! Night.